Clan Wars in Kosovo or smokescreen for Serbs: What's behind the Thaci and Haradinaj conflicts about the idea of changing borders?

How to understand these contradictory statements of the two most important political figures in Kosovo? What message is sent to Belgrade, and what kind to the public in Kosovo? Does that mean that Pristina does not have a single policy?

The president of the provisional Kosovo institutions, Hashim Thaci, speaks of the correction of the border and to merge Bujanovac, Medvedja, and Presevo with Kosovo and he is prepared to call for a referendum, on the other side, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj denies the attempts to redraw territories with the explanation that "Kosovo borders were established by war, and only war can change them", which is inadmissible for him. How to understand these contradictory statements of the two most important political figures in Kosovo? What message is sent to Belgrade, and what kind to the public in Kosovo? Does that mean that Pristina does not have a single policy?

There is little chance of a final agreement with Belgrade: Thaci for merging of the "Presevo Valley" to Kosovo

Those are just some of the question Telegraf.rs tried to find answers, from the political analysts on one side of Ibar river, and from domestic experts.

We remind you that Thaci stated that there will be no division of Kosovo, nor autonomy for Serbs and that the only correction of the border implies the joining of Presevo Valley to Kosovo, at the request of the political leaders of Presevo Valley.

- We should make maximum efforts to finally reach a final peace agreement. I am determined to reach an agreement and, following the demands of the representatives of the Presevo Valley, I proposed the correction of the border with Serbia, as the only possibility to legitimize the request (the Presevo Valley). This does not imply the division of Kosovo, nor the autonomy for Serbs - said Thaci, adding that this was possible without a war because "the wartime has ended", and that the correction of the border could happen "if there is a mutual consent".

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For that purpose, he is also prepared to call for a referendum and to test the will of the citizens.

However, his colleague Ramush Haradinaj thinks differently.

- Opening the border theme is unacceptable to me. The borders of Kosovo were established by war, and only war can move them. Whoever thinks that borders are changed differently, is mistaken - Haradinaj said and reiterated that the only solution for him reciprocal recognition within the current borders.

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A political analyst and a man who knows the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, Dusan Janjic told Telegraf.rs that Thaci and Haradinaj's statements send an image of the truth, which is that the president and prime minister of so-called Kosovo have no harmonized attitudes in terms of key issues, which can be of great importance for the Brussels Dialogue.

- To recall, that was the case with the arrest of Gulenist. When both Belgrade and Pristina met the needs of Erdogan, Thaci didn't receive the support of Haradinaj, on the contrary, he fired the chief of police and the one who led those units. There is political disagreement, but also a struggle for control within institutions. It is obvious that the president controlled that, which is not his job, but it is a job of a prime minister. There is disagreement, a weakness of that government and of course, different human, ideological relations towards some questions. About Haradinaj, he has experience with the Hague tribunal, and he wouldn't want to take chances again. And Thaci thinks that he avoided it, so he plays with changing the border, moving of people, and we all know that it can't be done without wars and victims. Haradinaj learned that there is the Hague Tribunal, and Thaci wrongly believes that it is closed - Janic said.

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According to him, Albanians from Kosovo are not confused, Kosovo's society, unlike in Serbia, is politically divided.

- If we look at it individually, Self Determination is the strongest, almost stronger than all the rest, and they are opposition. It is their's usual political dynamics, and the opposition will keep using it to undermine the reputation of the authorities - the analyst said.

There is a different situation in Serbia, Vucic's authority is currently undeniable.

- About Serbs from Kosovo, they are not naive, they know that something is brewing and they are just watching who has the ropes of government. That is Thaci. The disturbance wasn't brought in by Haradinaj, but Thaci. So there is no naivety here. And our Serbian politicians should be careful as well. The message to them is that if they want to cooperate with both of them, and it is not smart to cooperate with just one of them, then they have to be careful. If they want to have communication with Haradinaj, then they have to be prepared that everything will end up on the West, while if they cooperate with Thaci, all information will end up in Turkey or Moskow. One should bear in mind the deeper difference in the commitments and international relations - said Janjic.

He reminds that Thaci was chosen by America and Madeleine Albright, that he enjoyed the trust for a long time, but he first entered conflict with the German intelligence service and that he had lost the trust of the USA with his last moves.

- You could say, judging by the number of official visits and the officials he met, that Kadri Veseli is more desirable in the USA. But Thaci has connections in Turkey and Moscow. And Ramush Haradinaj, he has relations with Britain, and lately, with America and France, and that a man used his religious right to chose, he declared himself as a Catholic and now the pro-western part of the identity is strengthening and it is surely tied to the future of EU, much more that Thaci will be in the future - Janjic explains and concludes.

- In the context of early elections, Thaci is trying to take a part of the voters of the Self-Determination with a story of Albanian unification.


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