There is no Great Serbian aggression, just Great Montenegrin aggression on leading places in Serbia: Dacic openly about the relationship with Podgorica

The head of Serbian diplomacy said that it would be healthy for Serbs to enter the government in Montenegro

The head of Serbian diplomacy, Ivica Dacic, said in the interview for the paper "Dan" that it would be healthy for Serbs to enter the government in Montenegro. Montenegro, he adds, should finally realize that in Serbia there is no regret over the separation from Montenegro.

A monument to Tito placed in the capital of Montenegro: "Grateful citizens of Titograd and Podgorica" (VIDEO)

Commenting on relations between Montenegro and Serbia, Dacic emphasizes that they are stable.

- From our side, it is important that there is a dialogue. And we have the same goal, and that is the European Union and stability of the region - Dacic said.

He looked back at the mark of president Milo Djukanovic that there has been sharpening of relationships with the neighbors, Zagreb, Pristina, and with Podgorica.

- If I am not mistaken, he said that in the interview on your Public service. I hope that I interpreted it well. Also, he said that Montenegro is not reaching Anti-Serbian decision, but the decisions in their own interests. I presume Montenegrin interests. And that is good. Serbia is making decisions in our own interest. Should we apologize to anyone? Secondly, he hinted that we are responsible for the "destruction of Montenegro", whatever that means. Serbia didn't ban any citizen of Montenegro from entering Serbia, nor Montenegro depends on Serbia to enter the European Union. So, this is really funny", said Dacic.

Serbia doesn't regret because of the separation from Montenegro.

Serbia, he said, wants Montenegro to enter the European Union, and we are open to talking on all subjects that both sides consider relevant.

- But, we can't accept the role of the culprit for everyone's problems. In the end, Montenegro needs to accept that there are no regrets in Serbia that Montenegro separated from us, we shouldn't have merged with you in the first place - Dacic said.

According to him, if someone should be sorry for that it should be Serbia in 1918 when we lost 28 percent of the citizens in the war.

- Montenegro is complaining on Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, half - Montenegrin, grandson of the Montenegrin King Nikola Petrovic? Anyway, Karadjordjevic is the Petrovic family who came to Sumadia from the Montenegro-Herzegovina hills. One from Fumadija, Krusevac, or Topola, he would never abolish Serbia for Yugoslavia. And why should we be sorry for Montenegro? We were two states before. The only thing is that we were never in some conflict. That is tragic. After all, even the King Nikola, who said a note to the people in 1914 wrote: "Long live our Serbs". I didn't write it, he did - Dacic said.

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He states that Gusle is both Serbian and Montenegrin.

- I still haven't heard any gusle song about the conflict of Serbia and Montenegro. But we can hear about the Great Serbian aggression, and I am still joking and saying that I know of Great Montenegrin aggression on workplaces in Serbia. To conclude, I wish all the best to Montenegro, we don't care what you are doing unless it is Serbian national and state interests and the position of Serbs in Montenegro, who make around 30 percent of the population. That is the sovereign right of each state. All we have to do is to work on our friendship", said Dacic.

"We will leave the matter of language to them, we don't need translators. "

According to him, the position of Serbs in Montenegro is an important element in the bilateral relationships of two states.

- We consider that Serbs are constituent people in Montenegro and not minorities. We are leaving the matter of language the citizens are speaking to them, although the fact is that, our officials don't need translators while talks. Also, Serbs think that Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, is an important part of its history in Culture, and we treat it as such, and I personally believe that most of the Montenegro citizens think the same. But, these questions could be solved with dialogue and they are a part of the talks during the meetings of officials of our two countries. I think it would be healthy for our relations, and for inner stability of Montenegro if Serbs became a part of the ruling coalition. Many problems could be solved -marked Dacic.

He said that Montenegro should solve the case of Branka Milic within its institution, and it is up to Serbia to help with the exchange of data and information.

- Don't forget that Serbia, like any other country, is obliged to help its citizen who asks for help from it. That help belongs to Mrs. Milic. I hope that the competent institutions of these two countries, with the consent of Mrs. Milic, come to the mutually acceptable agreement - Dacic said.

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