Women started brutally fighting in the middle of the street: They are intentionally hitting and making scars in the same place, and this is their motive

The fact is that women are equally aggressive as men, and some of them don't try to suppress those urges, experts say

Two scandals shook Serbia in just one week, and the main roles in them were - womenWe were first shocked by the news of two girls fighting, the students of a school in Belgrade, and then we were confused, and partly laughed, when a strange street fight between two Chinese girls took place in the heart of Uzice.

Children got into a fight, and then the father of one of them shoot the other: Shooting in the "Valley of the hungry" on New Belgrade (PHOTO)

The reason is still unknown behind the fight in front of the central pharmacy in Uzice, but the word on the street is that the reason for hysterical hair pulling and punching is a - man. The entire fight looked like a movie. Two Chinese girls, elegant, started fighting with no announcements. The hairs are flying, the glasses, the phones - and then, sudden stop and going to the police to report each other for the attack.

The word among the people of Uzice is that the reason for the fight might be love and that the Chinese girls fought over a man. The video of this fight was seen by tens of thousands of people and everybody detested it, not because of the fight, but because it was a fight between two women. 

Criminologist Zlatko Nikolic explains that women fight a lot, but those fights are not recorded, and the entire society tries to cover them up so it doesn't spread.

- The fact is that women are equally aggressive as men, and some of them don't try to suppress those urges, and some of them just let go in certain situations.

However, Nikolic explains that fights between women are specific in a lot of ways.

- When two women attack each other, their unconscious goal is to damage each other's faces. Female fights remind of fights between alcoholics. The goal is to inflict a scar, to hit at the woman's vanity - he explains for Telegraf.

He said that women are taught during education and socialization to be gentle, humble, decent, nice and quiet.

- Aggression as a woman's characteristic is not supported in the cultural system of values. The environment doesn't want to acknowledge the phenomenon as such. Women who resort to violence to solve problems are not socialized, and they fill the emptiness with aggression. They mostly don't have the empathy for other people, and what they want - they want it now and they are prepared to attack anyone who thinks to stand in their way - Nikolic explains.

Although jealousy is the reason for fights in most cases, it is not the only one, and it is not even the main motive.

- The main motive is to establish dominance - he said.

Psychotherapist Zoran Milivojevic explains for Telegraf.rs that we all think that violence is mostly a man's thing, but these cases prove that violence doesn't have a gender.

- Women are more subtle in using aggressive methods, and before they use physical violence, they use different methods, gossiping, false accusations, playing various games, rather than resorting to physical violence. When there is no effect, there is a fight - Milivojevic explains.

He explains that physical attacks are more common in adolescents who are still in the process of socialization.

- Girls in schools function a bit like a pack. We always have one popular girl who has few friends around her. There are many groups like that, and there are always some fights between the packs. The main triggers are envy or jealousy with women, no matter if that is love or work - Milivojevic said.

He explains that there is always some longer conflict prior to the fight for which we often don't know.

- In any case, this problem should be addressed from early times, and the most attention should be dedicated in school time. Men are perhaps more prone to violence, but the capability for violence exists in women too, which means that schools should pay attention to students grouping up and the dynamics among them - Milivojevic explains.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Gorica Avalic / g.avalic@telegraf.rs)

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