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Shootings and assassinations on Belgrade streets opened the door to the underground we never knew existed


Everybody was a leader of some clan during the nineties. But, there are leaders of fan groups

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There were many bloody conflicts in Belgrade from the start of the year, and murders of people who are well known to the police. These assassinations, which were done by professionals, introduced us to a new level of the underground, most of the people never knew existed. The execution of the Serbian spy from South Africa, in the broad daylight, opened many questions.

The bitter fates of all 12 godfathers of Luka Bojovic: They butchered, murdered, and then they ended up even worse

This was not the only murder that caused attention. The assassinations of fans happened this year, and the crimes they were charged for were revealed only after the murders.

"The season" of murders was opened by the attacker on Petar Arsic (38). The victim is known to the police as a perpetrator of multiple thefts, and that is why he was sentenced twice, and he was murdered in front of the cafe "3k" on Vidikovac on February 28th. He was killed with a single bullet to the head.

Printskrin: Youtube/pink.rs/Facebook/Petar Arsic

Arsic was a passionate fan of Belgrade "Rad" and a part of the fan group "Iron squad".


Blazo Djurovic (39) was murdered on March 1oth in front of his house on Dusanovac, and he was allegedly connected with Kavacki clan, that is why the police investigate if he is just one more victim in the war of Montenegro drug-clans.

Foto: e-stock.us

It is suspected that he was in charge of extortions and debt collection for Kavacki clan.

Unknown young man shot 15 rounds from the automatic rifle at Blazo Djurovic while he was behind the wheel of his BMW.


The police are still searching for the man who murdered Dragoje Trisic on March 21st in Trgovacka street in Zarkovo. He went to visit his mother and gravely sick brother, and he went there almost every day. He was assassinated at the moment when he was approaching the building entrance.

Trsic held few bars and taverns in the capital, so it can pre presumed that the motive behind this murder could be the unsolved business around these objects. Also, he has been sentenced several times for drug trafficking, so the police are investigating his role in the drug market.

Foto: Večernje Novosti

The attacker waited for him in the passage between two buildings and shot 4 rounds in his direction, and two of them him in the chest, and two in the stomach. He was dead on sight, and the murderer started walking and then ran away towards the center of Zarkovo.


Luka Radulovic was shot in the night between 17th and 18th of April, who is known to the public when he cut the president line of vehicles last year on Topcider. He was arrested one month later in one betting shop under the suspicion that he traded with narcotics.

Radulovic was free at the moment of murder since he made an agreement with Special Prosecutor's Office in March where he admits his guilt for drugs.

Foto: Facebook/Luka Radulovic

According to the unofficial information, the murder of Radulovic was allegedly ordered by a criminal group from Montenegro, and the motive is dept and snitching.

The attacker shot Radulovic in the stomach, and the conflict happened in the tavern "Under the Bridge". He succumbed to injuries after reanimation.


Butcher, Devil, Boris, Gorgie, Gorg, or simply Djordje DarmanovicThe murder of this Serbian spy from South Africa, who was murdered on May 6th in New Belgrade, caused the most controversy.

Several rounds were shot to Darmanovic on the parking near the seat of First Basic Prosecution Court in New Belgrade and it is a professional murder due to the way he was assassinated - the attacker shot 2 rounds to the victim's head which states that there weren't supposed to be any kind of warning, but the one who ordered it asked for a certain kill of Darmanovic.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

He had a helper on a motorcycle to escape between the New Belgrade blocks and parks more easily. Serbian police investigate if he comes from the Serbian underground or if they were "imported" from some other country.

He is known under many nicknames, and the ones he cooperated with, associates and criminal underground, as well as intelligence circles, knew him as a "Butcher" or "Devil" by the savage acts he did.


Another conflict between fan groups with the deadly outcome happened on Cukarica slope. Ognjen Zanic (26) was murdered late in the evening on May 24th, in the park of the residential building, when he was shot in the stomach with 3 bullets. Aleksa Vasiljevic (25) and Dejan Rutalj (22) from Belgrade were soon arrested for murder, but they defended themselves with silence at the hearing in Higher Prosecution Court. They were both sent to three months of detention after that.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

As it was confirmed during the investigation, all three of them were FC Rad fans. However, prior to the crime, Ognjen beat Alexa for going to the Partizan group.


Only four days later, on May 28th, in a shooting that happened in Visnjicka street on Karaburma, Dragoslav Miloradovic (44), was shot in front of his car-wash.  

It was a criminal conflict, and as it was found out quickly, Dragoslav had a record in the police for being a member of Bojovic group.

Printskrin/Youtube/Dzej Music Official

The murdered shot multiple rounds at his victim and he escaped with a motorcycle. The police starter pursuing them and they proclaimed the operation "Vihor" on the entire territory of the city.

Miloradovic is known to the police from before, he was criminally charged for weapons and forgery of documents, and he was dealing with drugs.

Although these murders are traditionally compared to the conflicts in the nineties, when the state top allowed criminals to "clean" themselves out, this situation is different because you could know which clan is fighting by the location.

There are no clan leaders now, but there are leaders of fan groups. And where is the end of them and will they write about them in 20 years, like Knele, Giska and the crew? Hardly. Not because these are legends and meritorious citizens, because they lived in a time where it was easy to make a hero out of yourself, the idol of the youth.

This is where the godfather of Luka Bojovic was murdered


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