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Google Maps captured a chase on our streets: The police are chasing the suspect, and the random passers-by are watching the action in disbelief


The footage shows the suspect turning behind a corner and the police officer running after him

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Google maps recorded a dangerous chase where police are trying to arrest the suspect on the streets of Serbia. Google's car was at the precise location where the chase took place and when a police stopped at the end of the street.

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The police officers entered a narrow street while the other cars blocked the way. Pedestrians were confused and they watched a car rushing beside them.

Google's car moved to the side to allow police car to pass them. The footage shows the suspect turning behind a corner and the police officer running after him, trying to catch up with him.

The camera recorded two people on a bike, but they seem relaxed which suggests that they weren't involved. On the other side, we can see a police car blocking the other side of the street by opening a door.

It is unknown if the criminal was captured because Google's car didn't record that, but the case was over while many police officers were still running.

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This is not the first time hat the crime was recorded on Google maps.

A young woman was recorded while she was running out of the store "Savers". She left the store quickly while holding a large sports bag and she ran behind a corner.

A few moments later, a man from the store started running after her and it was revealed that the woman stole from the shop. 

Thanks to Google maps, the criminal was identified and arrested. 

According to "Gazette", the woman stole items worth 60 pounds and got a year of Social service as a punishment.


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