The arrest of Torcida in Serbia: Police stopped 400 hooligans, they seized axes, drugs, and barbells! (VIDEO)

The hooligans who robbed the gas station and caused damage were arrested on their return

Members of the Torcida fan group from Split, who demolished a gas station near Vrcin on Thursday on their way to Bulgaria, were arrested during returns through our country after their Hajduk's victory over Slavia from Sofia.

A young man from Serbia was beaten in Split due to tattoo on his back (PHOTO)

In an organized action by the Serbian police, hooligans from Split were arrested by the joint police forces from Nis and Belgrade.

As we learned, the police waited for them on the Nais toll booth near Nis, where they stopped more than 400 Croatian fans. All but three were transferred to Belgrade, while three were detained in the police in Nis. Drugs were found on one of them, while the two carried cold weapons.

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic confirmed that members of the Ministry of Interior stopped more than 400 Croatian fans on the highway and that the police, during the detailed search of the people and their vehicles, found a large quantity of wooden and metal rods, several axes and torches, as well as a smaller amount of narcotics.

- 32 fans will be transported to the police stations in Nis and Grocka, which will be brought to competent prosecutors and magistrates. Police also found some goods that were stolen at a petrol station near Vrcin, specifically cigarettes, drinks and toys with excise stamps of the Republic of Serbia.    

- Due to the rampage at the gas station, 28 fans will be brought to the judge for the committed violations, rude and ruthless behavior in the group, and they could stay into a prison from 30 to 60 days - the minister Stefanovic explained.

The Minister warned everybody who is going through Serbia, our citizens and our guests, to act in accordance with the regulations and to respect the laws of Serbia.

- Any savage behavior, behavior that harasses the citizens of Serbia, inflicts material damage or threatens their safety, will be severely sanctioned - Stefanovic said.


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