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Serbian drug clan "America" fell on its knees because of a Bosnian: Smuggling of 1.5 tons of cocaine from Peru to Belgium prevented (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The value of the shipment on the European market would exceed $ 80 million

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Police in Peru seized a ton and a half of cocaine and arrested members of a criminal group. Among them is one of the key players Smail Sikalo, Bosanac, associated with the group "America", which is led by Serbs, reports the South American media.

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The plan was to send the shipment over the sea to Europe, where the street value would exceed 80 million dollars. 

Foto: Peruvian Police

The police began an investigation after the suspicious transit of vehicles from the city of Huljag in Vraem, and then the investigation continued, the agents observed the strategic locations and they soon acquired valuable information.

Foto: Peruvian Police

The operation started on Saturday by taking the 472 kilograms of drugs, found in the house and with the arrest of two men from Peru, and then the action was continued the next day with the final seizure on Sunday.

In the second house, Smail Sikalo was arrested with another man from Per. The Bosnian was an important part of this puzzle because he has close connections with the Serbian drug-dealer Zoran Jaksic, sentenced in Lima in January 2017 to 20 years in prison, stated in the Peru police. 

Printksin: Youtube/ATV Noticias Zoran Jakšić

Two suitcases were discovered this time. One loaded with 28 "bricks" if cocaine, and the other one with 19. 

The biggest load was discovered in the wardrobe of the room in the house. More than one tone of cocaine hydrochloride. 

A truck with 30 packs of cocaine was seized during the intervention and two more cars.

The group had a recognizable brand so the people from abroad could recognize their drugs - many packs were parked with the logo BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Balkan people deeply embedded into Peru 

Zoran Jaksic (57) was arrested in July 2016 for smuggling narcotics and a murder, he is the leader of the criminal clan "America", and he was later sentenced in Peru court in Lima to 20 years in prison for funding the cocaine network, which has been working in this country since the nineties.

Foto: Peruvian Police

- The authorities do not rule out that Smail Sikalo has a relationship with his fellow countryman who is wanted for drug trafficking and murder in Germany, Argentina, Australia, and Peru. He has already been arrested in Serbia for drug trafficking in 1998.

(Telegraf.co.uk / M.Ro. La Republica, La Industria)

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