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Serbia became white on the second day of the Autumn: Snow fell on Kopaonik and Zlatar, and we can expect frost and cold we haven't felt in a long time (PHOTO)

Hill on Zlatar became white in the night between Monday and Tuesday

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The tops of the mountains Zlatar, Golo Brdo, which is 1.627 meters tall, became white this morning. First snow covered the treetops in the night between Monday and Tuesday, and the temperature drops to a few degrees below zero, according to ppmedia.rs. 

Below zero temperatures in Croatia, country chained in ice, storm winds reach 155 km/h: Red meteoalarm, dangerous weather is yet to come

Besides Zlatar, snow has covered other parts of the roof of Serbia - our most beautiful mountains, Kopaonik. So unreal sights could be seen all over the place this morning.

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You can watch the situation on Kopaonik 24/7 on the website of the Skiing center of Serbia, or by clicking HERE.

When it comes to Zlatar, according to the ranger Grozdimir Grbovic, the snow cover is just several centimeters high, and the temperature was around zero on Tuesday.

- Golo Brdo is completely white and the snow dropped down the slopes of Zlatar. We were surprised by snow, it's still early for it - Grbovic said.

Due to the low temperatures tomorrow and on Thursday, yellow meteoalarm will be in full force in entire Serbia, announced by the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute.

According to the forecast, morning temperatures will range from minus 4 to plus 6 degrees Celsius in certain places, and maximum daily from 4 to 19 degrees.

Printskrin: RHMZ

The coldest tomorrow will be on Kopaonik, in the morning it will be -4, and during the day four degrees above zero. The warmest will be Negotin, where the morning temperature will be 5 degrees, and the maximum daily 19.

At Zlatibor the temperature will range from 1 degree Celsius to maximum 9.

The yellow http://www.telegraf.rs/teme/meteoalarm, as explained on the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute site, means potentially dangerous weather, and that the weather forecasts are not unusual, but it is necessary to be careful if the if the outdoor activities have been planned. 

Printskrin: RHMZ

A warning has been given as well for ground frost which is expected for the most part of the territory of Serbia and they can damage crops. Farmers should perform a harvest as soon as possible, especially of the vegetable crops, according to the RHI site.

The morning will be cold and clear in Belgrade, somewhere with ground frost. Mostly sunny and fresh during the day. Morning temperatures around 5, the highest daily temperature around 17.

Printskrin: RHMZ

It will be mostly sunny with cold mornings until Friday with weak frost with the temperature rise from the weekend.


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