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Below zero temperatures in Croatia, country chained in ice, storm winds reach 155 km/h: Red meteoalarm, dangerous weather is yet to come

We started the day in Serbia with lower temperatures, we are taking our winter jackets, snow fell in Bosnia yesterday, and they have the most problems in Croatia with early winter

The September hasn't ended yet and the drivers already scraped ice off of the windshields of their cars in Croatia.  

Strong wing "blew away" Podgorica: Trees were flying, there was a complete traffic shutdown, fires broke out

Sudden and pretty drastic weather change caught entire Croatia and it brought strong rainfall, storm winds, and a significant temperature drop. Bad weather caused damage to the coastline.  Sharp September winder continued this morning, which skipped autumn, so -1.9 was taken in Zavizan, while "minus" was also recorded in Bednja, it was -0.6 degrees.

Drivers scraped ice from the windshields. A red meteoalarm was sounded for Velebit channel due to the strong storm.

Printskrin: index.hr

There was a strong tempest on the Adriatic and the land can expect wind between 65 and 150 km/h.


- It is a real Arctic breach, a wave of cold air is extended towards us from the polar circle. It just touched us during this weekend, and it spread to the south of the country on Monday, after the sudden drop in temperature and the tempest, which caused chaos in Split, and the Dubrovnik area experienced similar scenario - the meteorologist Dunja Mazoko Drvar explained and added that the worst could be expected on Wednesday.

Printskrin/Youtube: IstraMet

According to Dalmatia Today, the hurricane wind of 155 km/h is officially the strongest tempest wind ever recorded in September, and it is up to the top 20 ever recorded. 

Source: Probila bura u Splitu by indexpromocija

Source: Olujna bura u Splitu, Matoševa ulica podno Marjana by indexpromocija

Source: Kiša u Primoštenu by indexpromocija

VIDEO: What would happen if a hurricane reached Balkans?

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