The latest warning - Serbia will be snowed in! We can expect a minimum of 10cm of snow and icy days

The snow cover was already half a meter thick yesterday

The Republic Hydrometeorological Institute has issued a warning on snow and snow cover, which is valid from tomorrow for the territory of Serbia.

The wind was literally carrying a plane in Tivat like a toy: Everything was shaking, the passengers panicked (VIDEO)

We can expect 5 to 10 cm of new snow in the north of the country tomorrow afternoon and in the evening.

There will be around 10 cm of new snow in the Sunday, and in the western, central, southern, and mountain areas even more. 

Foto: Tanjug/AP

There will be a strong wind, even storm wind in mountain areas, north, and northwest wind, with snow drifts, written in the statement.

10 cm of snow was forecast for the area around Belgrade.

To recall, the situation was the most critical in the villages Bela Reka, Bozetici, Akmacici, and Jasenovo where the depth of snow cover was greater than half a meter. The additional problem to the road workers was the strong wind. 


Meteorologists announce ice cold days in most of the country and it will last by January 8th.

- Weak drifts in the morning, strong with the beginning of next week, somewhere up to -12 degrees. The highest daily temperature will be 0.

VIDEO: Streets of Uzice:

VIDEO: And "the worst" happened in Belgrade... It was snowing:


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