The bright side: Milan couldn't cross the flood, so he took off his shirt and started to swim

Drama in New Belgrade: A girl went to exit the elevator, it went wild and it didn't stop (VIDEO)

A Tragedy in New Belgrade: A woman fell off from the 5th floor while she was doing laundry, the grandson was the last one who saw her (VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

An indictment against the father of the rapped boy in New Belgrade: He shot a father of the child who attacked his son in the bushes

This is what New Belgrade looked like during the thirties: King's bridge over the Sava is being constructed, people in swimming suits are on beaches

There was no goodbye letter, nor did Vasilije (12) kill himself over games: We have found out the terrible truth at the suicide scene (PHOTO)

Tragedy in Belgrade: A boy jumped out from the 7th floor because his mother didn't allow him to play video games!

Dragoslav Misa Ognjanovic buried: "Hills nowhere, everything is flat", after the shocking speech, the painful words of the widow still echo (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Misa, the heavenly court is yours: Colleagues, friends, and family are saying farewell to the murdered lawyer Dragoslav Ognjanovic

Murdered lawyer Dragoslav Misa Ognjanovic was married to the most beautiful Serbian (PHOTO)

Belgrade had a beach more beautiful than Nice and Ibiza: Today, there is gray concrete instead of the softest sand in the Capital (PHOTO)

The boy, whose father shot a couple on New Belgrade, was raped? Doctors determined many injuries on the anus of the six-year-old boy

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