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Croats would like to go to Serbia: They are moving out of "their beautiful" country and they are coming here, searching for a better tomorrow


According to estimates, 247 people leave Croatia per day

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Every year, Croatia loses the city of Osijek in a natural way. The emigration started in 2009, and since then the number of emigrants has exceeded the number of people who came to live in Croatia. If something does not change, Croatia could soon become a "country without people". The most interesting thing is that 4.4% of Croats choose Serbia.

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In June of this year, "24sata" made a survey on the causes, dimensions, and consequences of people moving out of Croatia, and then the agency processed the data. 50,000 men and women participated in the survey.

All Croatian municipalities, except Istra, recorded a decline in the number of inhabitants. According to estimates, 247 people leave Croatia per day. There are 10 people less each hour. Someone leaves each six minutes. And if this continues, 500.000 people could leave Croatia in the next five years.

No one will leave it except the old and the rich. The experts say that the demographic crisis in Croatia is the more significant and long-term economic, state and national problem than the crisis in Agrokor. Villages and various towns are empty from Slavonia to Lika.

If nothing changes, Croatia could have 3 million people less by 3031.

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The top destination for Croats is Germany, most of the people want to go there. But also Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Ireland, Serbia, Italia are also more attractive than Croatia.

Germany is the most attractive country for Croats. And the desire for Serbia is not dropping. 4.4% of Croats are going to Serbia to find a better future.

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