The sexiest fitness doctors in Serbia, Maja and Marija: Who would you choose to treat you? (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Two doctors, one is blond, the other one is dark-haired, and you would certainly go to them, even if you have just a headache

Nobody likes going to the doctors unless they need an excuse not to go to school and they fake some pain in the stomach. If not, going to the Health Clinic would mean that you are sick

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However, we are sure that half of you would go healthy to the hospital if you had one of the two awesome girls who they call sexy doctors.

They both graduated from the Medical school and they are doctors, and they are into fitness and they compete.

Maja Pavlovic is a bikini fitness champion of Balkans and Serbia, multiple times. 

She was third in the European championship in the category up to 23 years, she lives in Cacak and she is currently on her internship in Kragujevac.

Maja was the sexiest doctor in Serbia while the other girl Marija Jelikic didn't graduate from faculty. Now the real battle for the sexiest doctor will start.

Watch the photos and see for yourself:


Foto: Marko Todorović

Foto: M. Todorović

Foto: Marko Todorović

Foto: Marko Todorović

Foto: Marko Todorović


She won the cup of Belgrade 2016 in bikini fitness.

She is definitely moving all the limits and she is demolishing all taboos. At work in a uniform, in tight yoga pants and tops outside of work - a combination that shows her attributes.

She currently has 30.000 followers on her Instagram profile. We don't know where she worlds, but we would gladly say that you should go for an exam.

Foto: Instagram/makijelikic

See her Instagram profile to see more amazing photos.


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