A car swept a student from Novi Pazar off the crosswalk in Zemun, we screamed "don't die": Car threw him 3 meters in the air (DISTURBING VIDEO) (PHOTO)

We shouted to him "Don't die"

Student Ernad Bakan (20), who died on March 6th in a terrible car crash that happened two days ago in Zemun on the corner of Niska and Cara Dusana street, was crossing the street on a crosswalk, learns "Telegraf.rs", after watching the footage from the scene.

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The entire event was recorded by a security camera from a local object and the information that the video exists appeared on social networks. The brother of the unfortunate young man pointed that out, but he also adds that the family had no strength to ask for it.

- It is terrible. It can all be seen on the safety cameras. His story that he was driving at 40 km per hour is nonsense. Ernad died due to massive bleeding in his lungs - said Ernad's brother.

However, the terrible video spread among the people of Zemun and no one could believe that such an accident could have happened in their area. One of the people, who wished to remain anonymous, showed that he has the video on his phone which shows the unprecedented tragedy.

We tried to reach the owner of the camera who recorded the tragedy by accident, but he wasn't keen to cooperate with media.

Foto: Instagram


The video, which the editorial staff of Telegraf had the opportunity to see, shows a young man crossing the 4 line street. One of the drivers slowed down, probably just to turn left, and then the boy crossed the street after it. 

In the fast lane, one of the car from the opposite direction slows down to let the pedestrian cross the street, but in the furthest right lane, a car came crashing into the misfortunate young man and it launches him away.

Just before the crash, Bakan started running when he saw that he was in danger, but it was too late - the car swept him just before the curb.

After two days of struggle, Bakan passed away.

According to the first information of the local portal, it was stated that the accident happened near the train station, but it was stated from the Ministry of Internal affairs that Bakan was hit precisely on the corner of Niska and Cara Dusana streets, on March 4th around 17:00h. It was reported that a pedestrian was hit and he suffered serious injuries and that he, later on, passed away in the hospital.

- The Third Basic Public Prosecutor's Office was informed, and a criminal complaint against the drivers of the car was submitted to the regular procedure - it was stated from the Ministry.

Foto: Telegraf.rs


According to an eye witness who lives near the accident, the sight was terrible. Ernad was hit before numerous witnesses, colleagues from school. Students immediately asked for help from professors while the young man was lying odn on the ground in a very serious condition. Unofficially, one of the professors of the Higher Medical School ran out to offer first aid to the young man.

- There was a lot of blood, children were screaming: "Don't die, please, don't die" - said a woman at Cara Dusana street for "Telegraf".

Foto: Privatna arhiva


Ernad will be buried at the cemetery Gazilar in Novi Pazar.

Please note that this is very disturbing footage, but it fatefully shows the driver who has killed the young man, the driver ignored all of the traffic rules and he went over the crosswalk with great speed, although the other vehicle was already stopped in order to let the pedestrian cross the road.

The driver wasn't arrested after the accident because there were no conditions for that, they said at the Third Basic prosecution. The young man was seriously injured, the driver had all the necessary papers and he wasn't sentenced, so the criminal charges were filed against him in the ordinary procedure. However, the prosecutor was informed that Bakan has passed away. 

Drivers, take a good look at how a terrible traffic accident occurs if you lose focus just for a second:


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