THE MAN PROTECTING ANA IVANOVIC: Agent reveals what he does for Serbian tennis player (PHOTO)

The best Serbian tennis player and British manager have been cooperating since 2007, and he is available to her non-stop

Ana Ivanovic says for him that his hair turned gray due to her matches. Of Serbian words he learned swearing and "bre", for which he still is not sure what it means. Since 2007 he is the first line of defense of the best Serbian tennis player career.

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Meet Gavin Versi, 33-year-old Brit who cares about everything you see and especially what you do not see in the career of our athletes.

Many agents would like his job. It would not be quite so easy. Although Ana seven years ago was the first in the world, sponsors stay with her, a Versi explains that the reason for this is her modest personality, charm and positive attitude, and that it is all seen in her communication.

The Brit joined the agency that represents Anna (dh Management) in 2007, and long before that the CEO of Den Holzmann had started a story with the then 15-year-old girl who had tennis talent.

- Holzmann saw then what kind of personality she had. She trained in Switzerland. In Serbia, as a small country, more people know each other, so it was a Serb who trained her. He even recommended her to Holzmann for sponsorship, arranged for him to meet with Ana and her mother and decided to take a risk - discovered Versi visiting a conference SPORTO.

- Today Holzmann says it was a naive decision. He was lucky and participated in the choice of her coaches - said the Brit, adding that the investment cost about half a million dollars.

Foto: SPORTO/Vid Ponikvar/Sportida

Foto: SPORTO/Vid Ponikvar/Sportida

Ana and Gavin met, therefore, almost ten years ago, at the tournament in Berlin.

- I worked then as a journalist. After that I addressed her management by mail with a desire to work in the team. I did not think then I would be an agent because I did not appreciate them. I remember I once asked information for Venus Williams and her agent did not help - recalls the Brit.

His working hours are 24/7, but it is not hard for him.

- It is really easy to work with Ana. Other managers in tournaments envy me because of that, because we quickly agree. But that does not mean that the job is easy. The organization is priority number one, because every day is different.

Six sponsors cooperate with Ana, and this year she became a co-owner of a start-up company from Slovenia - Trainers4me.com, which is actually a specific platform with data on coaches from all sports.

- We talk about any offer. I do not make decisions instead of her, I only advise her. Some brands that arise for cooperation she knows of, some not, and in this case, we investigate. It always depends on her preferences. We also have conservative sponsors, but nobody's interest is to reject new ideas. Primarily because they are aware that her team knows best and our every idea is a benefit for the brand - explained Versi.

For his client tennis is an absolute priority, which is why a few years ago she even refused to participate in the filming of a Hollywood movie.

Foto: SPORTO/Vid Ponikvar/Sportida

Foto: SPORTO/Vid Ponikvar/Sportida

When it comes to Ana’s communication through social media, he admits that the tennis player came late into the world.

- We were slow in this. She was not ready. Still, with each of your posts and tweets you share a part of your character. She is shy, a family person, even a little conservative for the girls of her age, and she was unwilling. Then Novak Djokovic and Andrea Petkovic began to exercise pressure and she realized that in fact she was missing a lot - discovered Versi.

The inevitable question was whether his job was difficult in the past year. Of course, because of Ana's private life and the world-attractive relationship with the captain of the German national football team, Bastian Schweinsteiger.

- In this business it is very important that athletes have their own privacy. In the mentioned period, there were a lot of rumors, even unfair things, but fortunately, they were not harmful. So I think that my job has not become more difficult - said Gavin Versi.


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