SERBS ON THE TOP OF EUROPE: Mountaineers from Serbia and Macedonia conquered the highest peak in Europe (PHOTO)

"This is how you write history", wrote on their Facebook page the mountaineers of the "Zeleznicar" from Nis club

The group of mountaineers from Serbia and Macedonia, lead by Zoran Pavlovic - Pace from the Mountaineering club Predejane, conquered the highest top in Europe, Elbrus 5642 meters high, on the mountain range Caucasus in Russia. The leader of the expedition was Pavlovic, and 16 people climbed the top from the various mountaineering clubs from Serbia and Macedonia. 

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"This is how you write history", wrote on their Facebook page the mountaineers of the "Zeleznicar" from Nis club.

The final climb was done on Tuesday, 12th July, from the hiking home Prijut to the Pastuhov rocks on 4800 and 5050 meters high. Because of the bad weather, two extra days were spent in Prijut, which was addition acclimatization on this heights.

Foto: Facebook

Foto: Facebook

They say that the climb is very tiring. First group headed for Elbrus at 01:00 and the second at 03:00. They had clear skies, but it was very cold and windy. On the top is - 25 degrees. The snow was harder and good for walking, and using our equipment made us feel safe. 

But, the teen air and the stormy wind near Elbrus forced the mountaineers to move very slowly and keep listening for the beeps of life signals. The members of the expedition from Nis arrived to the top and back in 12 to 18 hours.

"We had no problems, even do we were witnesses of many people collapsing due to height sickness". They were taken down by snowmobile. This expedition showed that Zoran Pavlovic Paca is the best guide in Serbia, wrote on their Facebook the mountaineers of the "Zeleznicar" club from Nis.

Few passionate people and few mountaineering clubs from Macedonia that love mountains participated in conquering the pinnacle of Europe.

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