Serbian truckers called from America: They took the camera in their hands and sent this message (VIDEO)

They are still homesick

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Printksin: Youtube/Dnevnik zapadne Srbije

Pursuing their dreams, eager for better life and higher profit, many Serbs went to America. There are plenty of opportunities across the pond, as some like to call this promised land.

Vasilije (28) is the most desirable doctor in Belgrade, and women easily show him their breasts for what he can do (PHOTO)

They all got by in a certain way, but they are still homesick. Great number of young from western Serbia are earning their bread on the wheels, driving "road trains" across the american continent.

Someone answered to the News of Western Serbia:

Printskrin/Youtube:Dnevnik zapadne Srbije

Printskrin/Youtube:Dnevnik zapadne Srbije

Vladimir Subotic and his "little truck" have three years of successful work behind them, in a company of a man from Cacak.

Trucker for Lucan has been living and working for two years in Chicago. He said hi to his family in Lucane in this way, but he did not forget his friends in Chicago.

Milan Bozic has been working for five years as a truck driver in America. His prefix is BB - Bajina Basta.

Printskrin/Youtube:Dnevnik zapadne Srbije

Printskrin/Youtube:Dnevnik zapadne Srbije

- My Zlatibor, Bajina Basta region is the most beautiful, with the mountains Tara and Zvezda and my river Drina.

Miroljub from Kosjeric has been cruising for years on the roads of America and Canada.

- He arrived to America 11 years ago. I love Serbia, my Kosjeric, i want to say hello to all of my family and friends.

Watch their video hellos:

(Telegraf.co.uk / source: glaszapadnesrbije.rs)

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