Pimp from Belgrade (32) speaks openly about his job: I am helping the women working for me, even though they are not even trying

- Anyone can be a pimp today. It is enough to have someone guarding your back, good enough service and obedient girls that don't have other jobs

I imagined him just right. Careful step, leather jacket, big, shades and he is monitoring everything under them. A bag in his hand with money i presume. I wonder for a second if he is thinking about me as a potential prostitute who would fill up his pockets while he is doing nothing. I am folding my hands without thinking in the moment when he, pimp from Belgrade, offers his hand to greet me. I am trying my best not to let him know that i am disgusted by him.

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- David - he said while dropping his shades down his nose.

There is something in that move. I imagine that it is the way he starts with all of his future victims. That would be the best scenario, because they would come to terms, at least with semi conscious, on what they would have to do for him.

- I am 32 now, i have been doing this profitable "business" since i was 20. I have been living in a dorm and i had my group of 6 girls there. They made profit with their bodies and me with my organizational abilities. I never forced anyone to do anything - he said in a second, he is clearly used on working by the clock.

Only one girl remained from that first group, the others are changing, but he never crosses over the number of six women. There are a lot of more customers, and that number is constantly growing.

Foto: Profimedia/Alamy

Foto: Profimedia/Alamy

I understand that time with me is lost money. Somewhere out there, some men was put to hold so he could talk to me. And i am not feeling sorry. Somewhere out there, some woman doesn't have to sell her body for 30 euros.

There is no much thinking. They are whoring, and i am helping with it. Everything they earn, we share in half. From every job i get 30 euros, they get the same - he stops because he noticed my shocked face.

I am turning the wage in my head and i am measuring how much are they giving, and how much he does nothing for those 30 euros. I am no longer hiding that i am disgusted by him. I want him to notice that, because some women there can't show that to him. I am disgusted in the name of all girls that are slaves to him.

- Don't look at me like that. I can go to prison because of this. My right is to take half. You don't know what women are like. Sloppy, dirty. Women that don't bother about anything, they just lie down and spread their legs. They don't deserve more than thirty euros - he said leaning towards me.

I don't like that body language. I am starting to think how does he behave to those "sloppy and dirty women who just lie down and spread their legs". I am sure that he is not looking at them as he is looking at me. He is threatening them.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia

- I have only one that does the job as it should be done, she is really working hard and customers are asking for her. They don't ask about the price, they just take out euros. I have around 5.000 euros of pure profit per month. I am not that bad. They would never go to gynecologist on their own if i don't take them - he says smugly.

He added that they should be grateful for not having to stand on Branko's bridge. They work on call.

- We all fall down at some moment. I have been on stage for 12 years. It is a life where you are constantly waiting for someone to get your head. Especially in Belgrade. When someone asks me what do i do, i said that i am PR - he is now mocking me.

He is now nervously looking at his watch. I am starting to feel as if i owe him 30 euros.

Foto: Profimedia/Sciencephoto RM

Foto: Profimedia/Sciencephoto RM

- Anyone can be a pimp today. It is enough to have someone guarding your back, good enough service and obedient girls that don't have other jobs. The state should thank me for fighting the unemployment - he laughs for the first time, grabbing on his bag the entire time.

He stands up from his chair, puts on his shades and he gives me a black business card with only his number on it. I understand my time is up.

- While opening the door of a coffee shop, he said that i should look at the back of the card. And winks at me, before closing the door behind him and answering his phone. I hear him saying: "On her way".

I turn the club and there i see with golden letters written: "Join the club".

There is no more disgust, only the feeling of powerlessness because i can't do anything for the one that is "on her way".

(Telegraf.co.uk / J.S.)

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