Serbia has few scenarios in the case of a large influx of migrants

The police and other state authorities will continue to do their job and to inform the public if there are any changes

Minister of internal affairs Nebojsa Stefanovic said today that there are still no concrete information about the new wave of migrants, and that Serbia has multiple scenarios for the state authorities in this situation. 

Stefanovic: European Union recognized the Serbian efforts (PHOTO)

- We have been working for two or three years on plans in the case that larger number of migrants heads towards Serbia, first of all, towards western Europe, but they will go through Serbia and we have few scenarios for the state authorities in this situation - said Stefanovic.

He told reporters after the meeting on terrorism in Belgrade that Serbian citizens are safe and that the life is going normally as usual.

He says that the level of crime, taking into account that millions of people have passed through the country, has been minor.

Minister said that the police and other state organs will continue to do their job and to inform the public if there are any changes about the intensity or the number of migrants.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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