Brutal answer to the family Novakovic from Belgrade, which converted to Islam: "You sold your religion for dinner"!

God forbid. I don't know what would it take for me to change my religion!

Bajrakli Džamija, SEAD NASUFOVIC

Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

Conversion of Belgrade family Novakovic from Christianity to Islam caused real turmoil in the sea of comments for this unorthodox news, and few witticisms from our site will show how tolerant, moral and full of faith our people are. 

The whole family Novakovic from Belgrade converted to Islam! Sons got names Esad and Hamza, and then sharia wedding (PHOTO)

Most of the people consider that by taking Muslim names Ismail and Edina, Esad and Hamza, Bojan and Natasa, together with their sons Filip and Ognjen, actually, gave up from being Serbian, tradition and family. 

– “I have been a Serb since forever”, “He sold his religion for dinner”, “I am Serb, my husband is Catholic and i would never change my religion, because my mother gave birth to Serbian?! I believe in God and i respect all religions”.

“God forbid. I don’t know what would it take for me to change my religion! It is true that Serbs are not what they used to be, there are a lot of crooked ones, envious, evil, but that can’t stagger my Orthodox religion because only the faith in the Lord and our Jesus Christ helped me in my life. Period” – the attitude of hard-core believers.

On the other side, there are people who have no prejudice towards Islam and they try to keep open mind when it comes to interpretation of the Koran.

– “People convert to Islam every day, thank God. But you are pathetic with the comments. When Emir Kusta converted to Orthodoxy, you were all fine. Everybody has the right to decide for themselves where they feel the most pleasant. Thank God i got brothers by religion. May the God reward you, they way only he knows with the entire family”.

“I am an atheist and i really loved a Muslim girl, and i still do, but if i knew that we would break apart due to religion, i would go to Islam right away. Either way, those are nonsense that put people apart…”, “There are many stupid comments and hatred towards Islam, people are converting to Islam all over the world daily, as the most pure and the fairest religion. These people educated themselves and realized what is right, as many before them in Serbia and in the world. Allah rewards and guide you to the right path…”.

What side is closer to you? Do you have an opinion?


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