Zorana gathered 40.000 dollars on her own, and went to treatment to South Korea: We greeted her on the airport, she returned even stronger! (PHOTO)

This brave girl is suffering from dystonia since she was six, and 12 months ago she decided to change that and to take her life into her own hands

We greeted Zorana Zoka Ivanic (23) from Zrenjanin on airport yesterday, after treatment in the Clinic in South Korea which lasted three months. She we went on a trio if a lifetime after gathering money for 9 months and she gathered 40.000 dollars necessary for the treatment. In this story, she is a double winner.

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For Zorana everything stopped when she was six and she got sick with dystonia, involuntary muscle spasms that pulls her head to the left. These movements are constant and painful, and the unnatural positions caused by spasms are making her talk difficult. She lacks in strength because the muscles of the entire body have been weakened.

She decided to take her life into her own hands exactly a year ago, and three months ago we escorted her to the treatment in South Korea.

She came a lot different from her long travel: strong and visibly changed. Her way of treatment is no finished in Korea, but she made strong foundations and victory over the disease is jut a mater of time.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Three months ago, it seemed impossible.

- That was a great challenge for me because the treatment was very hard. I spent 10 hours a day at the clinic. I did exercise i thought i will never be able to do. Now, for the first time since i am conscious about myself, i have no back pain, i am stronger, everything is easier - said Zorana as soon as she landed.

She admits that there were tears during therapy and moments when she thought she won't be able to move on, but she continued because she knew she won't have another shot.

It is important to continue with this in Serbia. Now i have the therapy and devices i need to continue exercising. I am looking forward to the future and i can't wait to see what kind of changes will there be - said visibly happy Zorana, who was greeted by her parents at the airport.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

For a 16 year old girl who was depressed for her condition, and who even suffered harassment, this is a huge progress.

We all need a strong slap in life to realize that we get nothing from depression and sorrow. I realized that and i started moving. I will do everything now to get better - she told us three months ago. Today she showed that she is stronger than any disease.

We wish her the quickest road to the final cure and we are sure she will make it.

This is how she looked like three months ago when we escorted her from the airport.

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