ZOKA IS PURSUING HER 10 YEAR OLD DREAM: She suffers from a rare condition, but the way she asks for help is for admiration (VIDEO)

This clip was seen by almost 150.000 people in few days. The reason? Actually there are few of them!

Zoka Zorana Ivanovic (22), the girls who is suffering from dystonia since she six - from the uncontrolled muscle spasms, made a video on English language where she speaks about her problem and asks for material help for her treatment in South Korea

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This clip was seen by almost 150.000 people in few days. The reason? Actually there are few of them!

This student of the Faculty of Engineering "Mihajlo Pupin" from Zrenjanin got organized so she could appeal on humane citizens who are able to make donations, she is writing a blog on regular basis about her conditions and she is researching how she can make herself feel better, and with all that she managed to gather 25.000 dollars so far. 

- I know, this sickness is bullsh*t and that's why i need your help. I have found a doctor in South Korea who can help me, but he is expensive as hell! So the doctor, if you are watching this, just to let you know that you are expensive as hell. So far i have collected 25.000$ till now, and i still need 15.000$ dollars, and in this state where i live (Serbia) monthly payment is 300$ and i couldn't collect that money in 10 years. That is why i need your help. I think that i will be able to collect that money in this way and i hope that i will soon make a video from Southern Korea- she said in her video blog, where she bought everybody with her raciness, originality and great desire to get better.

Besides doing a happy dance her video, she does yoga every day and meditates to encourage muscle relaxation.

After all depressions, ups and downs, getting better and worse, i realized that i am the only one responsible for my condition and my life. I took it into my own hands and i started shaping it according to my wishes and goals - she wrote on her blog.

We wish her to fulfill her long term dream and to cure herself as soon as possible.

If you can help her, you can participate in this humanitarian action on this way: 

SMS 166 to number (+381)3030
Dinar number: 160-445295-75

Bank number: 00-540-0001516.7
IBAN: RS35160005400001516789
PayPal: savesnikreatori@gmail.com

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