This is what a new road to the Montenegrin coast looks like (VIDEO)

Its reconstruction was completed in a period from 2001 to 2012 and it involved the construction of the slow driving lane at a total of nine sites

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Printskrin: Youtube/CdM Portal

In the heat of the tourist season, over 9,000 cars pass through Podgorica-Cetinje-Budva highway every day. The road is reconstructed and it is safe with the new third lane. Everybody who drove on it these days saw that works are nearly completed and one of the busiest roads in Montenegro seems to work flawlessly.

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However, even though most of the road is widened to three lanes and enables the drivers safer driving, many are witnesses of crashes in this area, hence, the Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Osman Nurkovic warns all drivers to be careful and appeals authorities to increase controls.

He points out that this road should enable citizens to travel safely, and that it should not be a polygon of tragedy and accidents

- I appeal and i beg you, we are witnesses of rally races and testing the strength of cars, as well as accidents. I appeal to the authorities, especially traffic police, to sanction and to act preventively with increased presence to avoid accidents - said the minister.

He claims that the state has invested enormous resources and adds that they brought this road to a level where it can be safely traveled. 

Printskrin: Youtube/CdM Portal

Printskrin: Youtube/CdM Portal

- We know that it was a bottleneck especially during the tourist season, but now it can be safely and nicely traveled on this highway - said Nurkovic.

He stressed that the section was not yet officially opened and that on this road, which is 60 kilometers long, 32 km of third lanes have been constructed, writes cdm.me.

- Next year we plan to continue the reconstruction, which is the construction of a boulevard to the intersection where the traffic lights are towards Cetinje and Niksic. This will be a joint project with the municipality of Podgorica, where the Ministry of Transport, that is, the Directorate for Transport, will invest about 6.6 million. The whole project is worth about 10 million - added the minister.

The road Podgorica - Cetinje - Budva is 60 km long, and it has been in use since 1983.

Its reconstruction was completed in a period from 2001 to 2012 and it involved the construction of the slow driving lane at a total of nine sites.

In 2015, the Directorate for Transport started the realization of the project of reconstruction of the remaining parts of the road.

1.7 km on the road from Brajic to Lapcic is still not finished, and the deadline is till the end of November, as well as 1.8 km of the road from Kosljun - Zavala, which is not finished due to the unresolved property issues, writes cdm.me.



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