Serbian officer is offering free vacation for poor families because he knows what's it like to have nothing: Predrag provides accommodation, food and transportation (PHOTO)

- We, Serbs, don't need much, just a bit of joy! These little things are enough to live better - said the noble host

"Let's be humane", famous words of patriarch Pavle, are repeated by Predrag Milisavljevic these days, who invites families who can't afford to go to vacation, to come to his summer home on free vacation to remember. Free accommodation will be provided for seven to ten days, the entire floor of the house, food, pool in the backyard, transport from the home to the summer house in the village Kljuc near Mionica and back.

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- I have invited families over social network who don't have the resources to go to vacation to come to me to my summer house. I will provide everything, food, a place to stay, pool in the backyard, a lot of space to play. Children can learn to swim. I would like families with many children to come - said the retired officer Predrag Milisavljevic.

Even though he published his invitation on Wednesday, he received no calls so far. He thinks that people are ashamed because those who don't have much aren't used on people helping them.

- I managed to find one family over my friends, which will stay with me from 14th August. Those are parents of 4, three daughters, going to sixth, fourth and second grade, and one-year-old son. Since they are not working, they don't have their own car, I will go to them and I will return them home after vacation - said this noble man.

The first family will stay in Milosavljevic's summer house for six days, and during that time, the officer has planned a tour of the birth house of the Duke Zivojin Misic, the museum in Struganik near Mionica, and the visit to Mionica.

- This is the first time I am inviting families to host them because I recently completed my summer house. It is constructed in the spirit of Serbian tradition and countryside, it has a nice area around the house where children can play. I plan to continue doing this because I know what's it like not to have - he is honest.

He went to military school when he was 14 and he worked his entire life to make something. Now he is retired and wants to make someone happy who really deserves it.

- This is also an invitation to get closer as a people, to help each other much more. These little things are enough and if everybody gave a little, as much as they can, we would live much better. The feeling of connection among the people would be at a much higher level, and we, Serbs, don't need much, just a little happiness - concludes Milisavljevic.

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