Massacre prevented in a last moment on one of the most popular beaches on the Adriatic!

"If we hadn't destroyed the nest, I can freely say that that there would be a massacre on Thursday on Kopiki"

A hornet has stung a little boy last weekend who was brought to a popular Osijek swimming pool on the Drava by grandparents, and he was urgently transported to the hospital, and a hornet also stung a young man in the same place in Osijek a few days ago.

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Hornets made a dangerous nest in a middle of three trees on the west entrance to "Kopika", writes Glas Slavonije, and they say that the swimmers immediately called 112, but they found "no person responsible for the problem". Beekeeper Ivica Misin and RC Copacabana host Miroslav Oreskovic jumped to the rescue, and they removed the nest of hornets and saved numerous people from dangerous stings.

People are calling 112 Center, but Misin things that they are not well informed.

- People tell me that they are advised to buy bug spray or to pour water on the nest. In that way, you get an opposite effect. The nests shouldn't be touched at all - said and explained that these hornets arrived from India in important hives and they mixed with domestic hornets, which caused great toxicity and almost every sting is fatal. 

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- It was a blessing in disguise that I destroyed them in the tree because those were small individuals that would go out in two or three days. While I was watering the willow tree after the burning of the nest, I felt they were flying behind my back and I had a sight before me - there were so many of them on the pools that we immediately went there and took care of them. If we hadn't destroyed the nest, I can freely say that that there would be a massacre on Thursday on Kopiki, becase

Foto: pixabay.com

Romano Kristic, the Osijek head of the Department of Social Welfare and Health, said that, unfortunately, the activities of pest control, disinfection and disinsection do not cover the removal of dangerous nests.

- This was done by firefighters, but this can not be done in the right way in the scope of their work, so the removal of the nest has fallen on the burden of fellow citizens who finance such situations at their cost - says Kristic.


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