Croats are robbing the tourists blind on every step: You won't believe what they started charging for (PHOTO)

The number of tourists in Croatia is breaking all records, and those "resourceful" have decided to use the opportunity to earn extra money

The number of tourists on the Croatian coast, according to the latest official data, is breaking records, and the Dalmatians decided to use the opportunity for additional profit. First, the prices of renting apartments went up, then the prices in stores went up, and now the time has come for additional "services".

Croatia entered a "customs war" with three other countries: Italy, Austria, and Germany filed charges to the European Commission

A photo appeared on a popular Facebook page "Daily dose of average Dalmatian" made on Vis which shows that even the place in a shade is charged for.

Parking space for six hours is almost three euros, and if you want a place in the shade you will have to pay somewhat more than 4 euros.

And if you have to park for half a day, it will cost you around 4 euros, and almost 7 in the shade, reports Index.hr.

Although he is obviously a capable businessman, his English is not the best, because the word "shadow" is written incorrectly here.


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