Saric went crazy when reporters mentioned Serbia: Croatian basketball player rushed angry to the dressing room (VIDEO)

Croatian reporters have annoyed their player pretty much

The defeat of Croatian basketball team from Russia on Eurobasket was unexpected, and one of them who was a let down in this match was Dario Saric

What are the odds of winning the Eurobasket after the group stage? They are even bigger for Serbia, and they brutally dropped for Spain! (PHOTO)

The man who marked the last year's NBA season in the Philadelphia jersey, in some way, certainly wasn't up for the task against Russian.

That was clear to the Croatian reporters as well who wanted to hear from Saric why he failed. He was especially interested why he didn't have a single rebound or assist in the first half time, and he ended the match with 13 points.

I don't know why the question like that. It's a bit unusual, is it not? I gave my best, I fought. So, sometimes you catch them, sometimes you don't. It's not the first time that this has happened - said Saric, and he then lost it when the journalist said that his game was similar to that against Serbia on Olympic Games in Rio:

Alright, if that is your opinion I, I... I don't think it was like that. I think I played a decent game. I won't answer anymore - Saric said it loudly and went to the dressing room.

(Telegraf reporters from Istanbul: Bojana Mekic and Dragutin Stojmenovic)


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