As if "Irma" itself came to Croatia: Red alarm for terrible weather, people trapped in their cars, schools are closed (VIDEO)

Big part of the city is literally flooded because that amount of water has nowhere to go

The heavy rain in Zadar flooded the houses and the basements this morning, while the Zadar County Center 112 was covered in phone calls from citizens, reports Hina.

Waterspouts over Croatia: Strong storm hit Istria, floods washed river dam. The danger is still not over! (VIDEO)

It is said from Zadar Meteorologist station that around 190 liters per square meter fell this morning between 8 and 10, which is twice as much compared to the average monthly drop of 98 liters.

It was even more after half an hour, the thunders were more frequent and the wind was stronger. A big part of the city is literally flooded because that amount of water has nowhere to go. Students were got wet on their way to the school because they mostly start at 8 AM. The vehicles lost their traction on the street.

- It's the same story all over again. Ass soon as the rain falls, there are floods - said the people for 24sata.hr.

- I went shopping, but the power went out and I started coming back on a bypass. The torrent carried my car left-right, and it stopped. It turned off. It probably got water in it. I have been here for an hour, I don't know who to call - said Mirko Soticen (72), a returnee from Germany.

The weather will change on Monday with occasional rain.

- Northern parts will be partly sunny, sometimes with little rain, mainly in the west. It will be variable to mostly cloudy in other places with rain and rainfall, which will be more abundant in some cases. The wind will be strong. The highest daily temperature will be from 22 to 27, in Slavonia to 31 ° C - announced by Meteorological and hydrological service of Croatia.

The storm was taking down trees in Istria, and it flooded the apartments. 

Emergency services received 20 calls about flooded apartments and basements in the area of Porec. The storm caught the middle part of Istria-Pazin, Porec, and Rovinj, and it was weaker in Pula, Umaga, Buzeta, and Labina. There were 50 requests to pump out water.

Firefighters had 75 interventions due to flooded family houses, cellars and business premises.

The most critical situation is in the area of Porec, Rovinj, and Labin, from which the County Center 112 received numerous reports about devastated trees and larger quantities of water on the road, Hina reports.

The commander of the Istrian County Fire Brigade, Dino Kozlevac, told Hina that the situation was under control and that there were 30 interventions since yesterday afternoon, mostly on pumping water from flooded apartments and basements in the area of Porec.

Meteoalarm has issued a Red warning for that area of Istria today, Kvarner and the part of middle Dalmatia


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