ALL THE ROADS LEAD TO VIENNA: Serbian fans caused collapse at the entrance to Hungary! (PHOTO)

The unprecedented euphoria among our people before the match with Austria

It was known from the start when the groups were drawn for Mundial qualification that Serbia will have massive support of our people in Vienna

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It is clear that Slavoljub Muslin team will have a home atmosphere on the stadium Ernst Happel on the day of the game, and around 20.000 fans will come to cheer.

Namely, besides our people from Vienna who got the tickets for themselves, Serbia will get more support from the fans who started driving early this morning from Belgrade and other cities in Serbia.

There has been a collapse on the borders with our northern neighbor.

As you can see on the photo that was shared on social networks, the lines of cars standing at the entrance to Hungary, and it is around 30 to 60 minutes to cross the border.

The game in Vienna will start at 20:45h.


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