Vucic hosted Erdogan: He received a bicycle and chess as a gift, and this is what he gave him (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

After walking on Kalemegdan, Vucic hosted Erdogan in the Garda home

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, hosted the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan last night, as well as the Economic delegation from Turkey and Serbia at the Garda House.

17 years since the democratic changes

Erdogan gave Vucic a bicycle, which reads "Aleksandar Vucic" and chess, while Vucic gave him a carpet.

Foto: Telegraf

The evening was attended by Erdogan's wife Emina, as well as Tamara Vucic.

Foto: Telegraf

Earlier yesterday, Vucic walked on Kalemegdan with the Turkish president in the company of Rexhep's wife Emina, as well as ministers Vladan Vukosavljevic, Mladen Sarcevic and mayor of Belgrade Sinisa Mali.

Foto: Telegraf

The walk started at the Natural History Museum, and the two presidents then went through the Stambol Gate and on the plateau of the Upper City visited Damad Ali Pasha Turbe, one of the preserved monuments of Islamic architecture in Belgrade.

Foto: Telegraf

Around 5.000 citizens fathered to wait for them at the Winner.

Watch the video from the gala dinner in Garda Home:


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