Damir walked into a cafe, he complained that he was cold and he collapsed to the flood. His heart stopped working, forever, and the party just continued

The young man never complained about his health. He was a social man, but also the calmest among his friends

The early death of Damir T. (21) shocked Ogulnica. The young man collapsed to the floor and died shortly after arriving at the cafe with his friends around 22:00h. He complained that he was cold before that.

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He wasn't breathing and his heart wasn't working. Although the emergency help was administrated and the doctors of the emergency ambulance doctors tried to reanimate him, he didn't make it and the doctors could only proclaim his death.

Waiter: They arrived less than 10 minutes ago, and Damir collapsed to the floor 

- Damir was going with his friends to the cafe like every weekend, they were standing by the bar and then they went to the table they always reserve. They were there for less than 10 minutes and Damir complained that he was cold and he just collapsed to the floor - said the waiter in the cafe, Damir's acquaintance, adding that he used to play football with him, 24sata.hr reports.

Damir never complained about health problems, and he adds that he was a social young man, but he was also the calmest among his friends. When he collapsed, the guests and the cafe staff tried to help him and they called the ambulance.

He had no health problems

24sata.hr found out from the neighbors of the young man from the village Turkovic where he lived with his father and his grandma that Damir had no health problems, and he recently had a health examination for the job, the results were good. He graduated to be a train driver and he was looking for a job.

The members of his family didn't want to say anything. The autopsy should determine the cause of his early death. Damir will be buried today at 15:00h at the cemetery Saint Petar.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/Sciencephoto RM

The owner of the cafe: Disaster...

- Disaster. I am sorry for such a young life. I knew the kid, as well as other regular guests. The ambulance came quickly, they tried to reanimate him and they took him to the hospital - said the owner of the cafe Nikola Gasparovic adding that the young man was decent, hardworking and that he helped his family.

They said from the Karlovac police that they determined through investigation that the young man passed away due to natural causes and that there are no elements of the crime.

"Everybody continued like nothing happened"

Their friends were shocked by the fact that the party continued as soon as Damir was taken to the hospital.

Foto-ilustracija: Wikimedia/Suradnik13

Namely, as they say, right after the 21-year-old was taken to the hospital, everybody present continued with dancing and partying as if nothing has happened.

- One young life was shut down in City Bar, a young man collapsed to the floor. The kid wasn't breathing, he had no pulse, and the Ambulance tried to reanimate him, but without success. 

You can see the photos of this young man, as well as the photos of the cafe where everything took place HERE.


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