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Kosovo police released five Serbs who were arrested this morning

Trophies are more important to me than money: Jokic surprised everybody with this statement!

Serbia will have an access point to the sea: Dacic is asking for an island, and he received an incredible offer (PHOTO)

The map of Croatia annoyed Bosnians like never before: The whole world teases them for one little thing

Hackers made Serbs miserable who paid for their vacations over fake Greek websites, this is a way to safely make a reservation for your accommodation (PHOTO)

"The God is furious with Serbs. This is done to destroy the people and our line": He published a video of the storm and asked what was happening to us (VIDEO)

Mladjan Dinkic becomes Advisor to Milo Djukanovic

These parts of Serbia will be struck by rainfall the most: The emergency situation in one city, all teams are on the field

Penelope is creating romantic stories, and her heroes are full with confidence: Craziness about love is not foreign to her, and she lives for the moment (PHOTO)

When Milica of Steel is on the street, all the men are running away: She likes aggressive scenes, she is the only girl in Serbia who knows to do it, and they even offered Bollywood to her (PHOTO)

There are 23.238 millionaires in Serbia, and most of them are managers, directors, and engineers (A LIST BY THE CITIES)

Trump's new plan for Kosovo? A new ambassador of the USA is arriving in Kosovo who has two specialties

Unbreakable Slavisa has the most dangerous profession: He survived an explosion, crashes, cars rolling over, even a 60-meter drop (PHOTO)

All monuments raised to invaders, war criminals and terrorists will be removed from Serbia: First one to go is Acif Efendi

Nah, I won't play for the national team: Jokic discovered what was going through his head because of his cancelation for Eurobasket

A man from Belgrade was caught with 14.7 blood alcohol level: He broke the world record, no one knows how he survived, and it was all because of a woman

Montenegro is not calming down: After Podgorica, a new earthquake struck Cetinje

18 kilograms heavy and half a meter long killer tumor taken out from the stomach of a woman at the Military Medical Academy: Serbian surgeons performed the impossible (PHOTO)

David's father stomped the report from the Prosecution: It took you 100 days for what I was saying from the start

Strong earthquake from Albania shook Montenegro: Podgorica on its feet

They stole 50 million dinars from Serbia: 15 people arrested for money laundering

They have blown a BMW in front of us, movie scene in the middle of Belgrade: He was racing 100km/h and it flew up to the sky, followed with a big bang (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

After criticism due to the video in Jasenovac, the company for the glasses apologized: They only wanted to show respect for architecture

We took a peek into the set of an Indian movie: Bridge on Ada became a Bollywood scene and a black "Porsche" was racing while the drone followed it (VIDEO)

95 percent of the Serbs on Kosovo fear for their lives!

It took Spiderman from Mladenovac one minute and 30 seconds to steal 288.000 dinars: Only the legs could be seen from the exchange office (VIDEO)

Are child kidnappers lurking in Nis again, they invite children into cars and offer a ride to school or home? The Facebook post that is scaring parents

Haradinaj provokes: Show willingness, finish the job and recognize Kosovo

Tourists from Serbia headed to Greece and then they were kicked out in Kragujevac and Kraljevo: Vacation for 100 passengers canceled one hour after departure

They made a commercial for glasses in Jasenovac camp: Croats found another way to make fun of the Ustasha's victims