Teme: Balkan news

A migrant attacked a woman in Croatia: He charged at her in the entrance of a building, neighbors saved her

This is how the National Stadium of Serbia will look like: It's also known when it will be completed (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

WHAT A GESTURE: Man from Zenica gave a car to a single father of a blind and handicapped girl. Mother abandoned her when she was just three months old (VIDEO)

Tour guide attacked a girl from Nis (17) on Zakynthos, she ended up in a cast: He twisted her hand, dragged her to the exit of apartment and threw her out on the street (PHOTO)

Ivana is happy after the important decision from London and she thanked everyone!


Investigation about the liquidation of drug-boss the entire Balkan is talking about: Vendetta scheduled in December 2015?

Arabs are massively buying land in Bosnia, mostly from Serbs: New suburbs are growing, and the real reason is a puzzle

Athletes from London voted Ivana Spanovic for the winner: Serbian in the selected company for the future of the queen of sports!

Cubans have traveled half a world for love: Exotic girls are enjoying in Loznica, and the story behind it is insane!

One of the main bosses of Albanian mafia and a pimp has been killed: He has been shot dead with a bullet in the head on overcrowded beach (PHOTO)

The most abnormal bachelor party: The groom and the best man Croats created chaos and they jumped on police car, they woke up in police station!

He lifted her up, leaned her against the fence and the fierce action began: They had sex on the terrace, and the entire street was watching up! (VIDEO)

Serbian rower, who disappeared, has been found and urgently transported to the hospital

Bomb weighing one TON found in the Tara riverbed

Montenegrins will soon start fining the tourists who wear bathing suits on the street, drunk or those who sleep on the beach?!

Rista and Vlatko have been tied for bed for 25 years: Father died of sadness, mother is the only consolation and salvation. Her cry hurts a lot (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

American tourists delighted with Bosnia: Nature is gorgeous, everything is clean, and they were fascinated the most by one thing

Ivana Spanovic: I don't feel bad about everything, I have said everything with my last jump and the gold will be mine eventually! (VIDEO)

The American writer reveals the magic of her books: Although we live in different continents, we all enjoy the same stories

Croatian Casanova: He seduced several hundred women and he revealed the secret to his success

I LIVED IN HELL, I DREAMED ABOUT SERBIA, I CRIED THE ENTIRE NIGHT: Honest confession of Mirjana (30) whose cakes have infatuated the Swiss (PHOTO)

Croats are robbing the tourists blind on every step: You won't believe what they started charging for (PHOTO)

Earthquakes of 6 degrees on Richter scale are threatening Serbia: Seismologists are warning about the quakes

Massacre prevented in a last moment on one of the most popular beaches on the Adriatic!

"You can all go f*ck yourself": Wedding parties got into fight in Croatia. The reason of the fight - SERBIAN SINGERS

Drama in Srpska: An unrestrained teenager murdered a young man out of the blue, and wounded two people!

Baby in Belgrade surprised the entire medical world: She was born with two teeth, and two more came out few days later (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

IKEA in Belgrade is open for business, and Telegraf in at the opening of the jubilee 400th building of the most famous Swedish department store chain (VIDEO)

Spanovic: Everything was as planned (PHOTO)