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Comtrade company summer school of programming begins!

One of the goals of EdIT is the synergy of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of information technology, but also the realization of the first contact with the candidates of the Comtrade company

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This year again, the company Comtrade with pride continues the tradition of EdIT ( Education for Innovative Thinkers ) summer school of programming. The programming summer school, EdIT 2015 will be held this July, and in addition to Serbia (Belgrade, Kragujevac), it will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Banja Luka) and Slovenia (Maribor, Ljubljana).
VESELIN JEVROSIMOVIC: We need more women in the IT industry!

The two-week training program will enable participants to develop a concrete project in a simulated work environment and gain further practical experience that will certainly be of great benefit in the future.
One of the goals of EdIT is the synergy of theoretical and practical knowledge, but also the realization of the first contact with candidates of the Comtrade company.
The second business forum "Family company - a pillar of economic development of RS" was held (PHOTO)
Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

- The importance of EdIT for the company Comtrade is the introduction with potential future personnel or acquisition of an impression of how they cope in a simulated real work environment. The real impression on the future employee is difficult to obtain from a CV and a few conversations, and in particular it is almost impossible to assess a candidate who has no previous work experience in this way - said Rade Radumilo, director of this year's EdIT, Senior Software Engineer in the company Comtrade.
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Foto: Petar Lazović

Foto: Petar Lazović

How EDIT summer school of programming is special is shown by the fact that its participants often get a job in the company Comtrade. Such is the case with Milos Smiljanic, last year's participant in EdIT, who is now six months employed with Comtrade.
THE FIRST TESLA WITH WINDOWS HAS ARRIVED: The company Comtrade proudly unveiled its new tablet! (PHOTO)
- I first heard about EdIT from a good buddy who participated in the programming summer school a year before me. Last year I decided to sign up because the topic was very interesting, but I also wanted to gain new knowledge, experiences and meet new people. This was the first occasion that allowed me to familiarize myself with all technologies and tools that companies use to develop software. When I applied, I didn't think that I would get a job. After EdIT, I got an invitation to be an intern in Comtrade, followed by a job offer - said Milos, happily.
Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Last year's EdIT theme in Belgrade was " Indoor navigation using iBeacon". The project included the development of Android applications that detect iBeacon signals that are placed in appropriate places in the area. In the last phase of the project, in this way it was possible to control a small car that  moved independently along a given path .
VESELIN JEVROSIMOVIC: The smallest computer in the world is smaller than a grain of rice!
"Safety life tracking" is a project of creating custom applications for monitoring roads and traffic. The aim of the project is a synchronous display video and positions on the map via the web application. More on the subject can be seen HERE .
Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

The number of participants for EdIT is limited.
- Every year we get more and more applications, so it very difficult to choose the best 12 candidates . Therefore, it often happens that the number of participants increases, so that we do not run out of good quality and good students - said Rade Radumilo .
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The deadline for applications for participation in EdIT 2015 in Kragujevac is June 25th, and for Belgrade July 13th. Participation in the EdIT summer school program is completely free for all participants because the company Comtrade bears the entire cost.
Foto: Comtrade

Foto: Comtrade

All those interested in participating in EdIT can apply here, and more information on the workshop can be found at Comtrade EdIT page.
Have a look at how the EdIT summer school programming looked like last year:


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