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WE ARE ALL TOMISLAV: This terrible fate could befall anyone who went out into the world to earn a living!

Tomislav Salopek sacrificed plenty in order to work and earn for his family and provide them with what they deserve. However, in addition to being denied moments spent with his wife and children, he could not even imagine that he would lose his life

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The news that Tomislav Salopek, a Croat who was taken by jihadists a week ago was executed has traveled the world. Croatia and the entire region are in shock, and the question that now arises is - how this happened and whether something like this could happen to any of us? Was Tomislav randomly chosen or was he the target of the Islamic state?


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Tragically, Tomislav actually lived an ordinary life, like many people from the former Yugoslavia who for decades traveled to the West in order to earn more and provide for their families and themselves. These are people who sacrificedeverything in order for their loved ones to be happy and secure.


Sadness and shock in Tomislav’s hometown: Neighbors can not believe that the Islamic State really killed him!


Their goal is to win a lot, and going into the unknown, they risk much more. Sometimes their own lives.


(DISTURBING VIDEO) Image posted of the beheaded Tomislav Salopek!


Salopek was married to Natasha with whom he had two children. He went to work abroad in order to ensure his children and wife a normal life, but precisely because of this, he rarely saw them and spent time with them. He was employed by the French company Compagnie Generale de Geophysique (CGG) in Cairo.


Foto: Twitter/Hassan Ridha

Foto: Twitter/Hassan Ridha




- Separation was the hardest, they had difficulty dealing with it, because young people should always be together and this is logical. Unfortunately, because of the economic situation and unemployment, many young people live like my neighbor - said one of Natasha's friends.


Apparently, he was supposed to come back to Croatia just two days after the kidnapping. When they kidnapped him, he was on his way to work with the company car. An ordinary day in the life of one man, turned into a deadly nightmare with a tragic ending.



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