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MOVIE LIKE CLASH IN IN KRAGUJEVAC: Maniac with a mask robbed a post office, and the man in line ATTACKED him and took his spoils!

Brave man from Kragujevac jumped the robber who was left without part of the money and his weapon

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Masked man robbed the post office this morning in Kragujevac, but he immediately lost a good part of his money and his gun, since the man jumped him who was waiting in the line in the post office. 




The robbery happened around 9:25 in the post office in Vojvode Putnika street, nearby city center. The investigation lasted for hours. Police is searching for the suspect. 


From the police station in Kragujevac we received the conformation that the robbery happened this morning but, no details of the case were published, nor how much money was stolen.


Also, they did not deny the story that has been circling the city, that the robber was fully dressed like a ninja and that he threw the money away upon exiting and ran away.


Foto: freedigitalphotos.net/Boaz Yiftach, Pošta Srbije

Foto: freedigitalphotos.net/Boaz Yiftach, Pošta Srbije


Telegraf unofficially finds out that, the robber did not take big amount of money, not because he threw it away, but because he was jumped by an honest man. 


- The robber went to the post office to commit a crime on the day when pensions arrive and that was probably a good part of the plan, but he did not account for the honest man. He walked in the post office with a gun in his hand and a mask on his head. He threatened the workers and asked for money. He took the money and started running. That is where his plan fell apart. He was stopped by a man, he tossed himself on him and tried to save the money and disarm the criminal. The robber dropped his weapon. He was also left without a part of the money, which was snatched by the man, said the interviewee familiar with the case.


Telegraf unofficially finds out, the police members were shocked with the bravery of a man who prevented the robber from running away with the money and the way he risked his life.


There were no official statement from the police about the event.



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