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They searched this Croat's house and found something that can BLOW UP ENTIRE CITY!

Besides explosives, stems of cannabis have been found, two packages of marijuana of total weight 725 grams, and tobacco pack weighing 1,788 grams

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In the city Preloscica, near Sisak, in Croatia, with the court warrant, a house has been searched on 2nd September and other objects in possesion of the 58 year old man. 




During the search a large quantity of explosives have been found, accessories and ammunition, 642 cm slow-burning fuse, 398 pieces of detonators DK 8, two electric detonator EDK 8, lighter antipersonnel mine antimagnetic 2, two lighters for hand grenade, 19 kg of explosives, five pieces of practice detonators, a lighter metal-tank mine, a directional fragmentation mine operation, a lighter training hand grenade, a sleeves of 100 mm artillery shells, one shell 20 mm, 50 grams of the explosive TNT, 400 grams of plastic explosives, antimagnetic a tank mines, a voltage indicator for mine.


More has been found, 185 pieces of military ammunition 7.62 mm for rifle, 12 rounds of ammunition for the rifle grenades, 10 magazines for automatic rifle, three magazines for semi-automatic rifle, four rifle continuing, army knife for semi-automatic rifle, three magazines for automatic pistol and magazine for a gun.


In addition to explosives, further examination found stalks of cannabis, two packages of marijuana weighing a total 725 grams and a pack of tobacco weighing 1,788 grams.


Foto: Pixabay

Foto: Pixabay


Police has reported the 58 year old with criminal charges for  "illegal possession, production and acquisition of weapons and explosives" and "unauthorized production and trafficking of drugs", and for possession of tobacco, according to the Law on Excise Duties, forwarded notification of the offense to the competent Customs Administration.


(Telegraf.co.uk / source: Index.hr)

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