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THEY ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN THE MOST DANGEROUS CRIMINALS: And no one wants to arrest them because how beautiful they are! (PHOTO)

More and more beauties have thick records that even the mafia bosses wouldn't be ashamed of

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The former "Playboy" Playmate and Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina Slobodanka Boba Tosic, who is on the Interpol red list of fugitives from recently, is one of the most attractive world criminals, but, judging from the Interpol list, Europol and other agencies, the competition is very strong. 
SEXY SERBIAN MISS ESCAPED PRISON: General alarm in Interpol, she is wanted for MURDER and ROBBERY (PHOTO)

More and more beauties have thick records that even the mafia bosses wouldn't be ashamed of, reports avaz.ba.
Judging by the photographs on the Internet, with Boba Tosis, the most tempting women from Interpol list was Angie Vu Ha (Angie), DJ from Las Vegas. Maybe clubs would enjoy the tune of DJ if she did not try to take her seven year old girl, without the consent of the other parent after she lost custody over her, to China. She ended up behind bars by the Interpol warrantand the husband, who reported her, to make the absurd even bigger, did not want the child at the first place. 
One more attractive Bosnian girl is on the Interpol list, Sejla Kajtezovic, Austrian citizen with origins from Bihac, who illegally produced and sold narcotic drugs.
Marina Cecilia Kettunen won't go to her place of origin, Finland, to vacation, and the reason is embezzlement of greater amount of money. Finland is searching for her so she could go to the vacation outside Europe to escape Europol. This blond is among 50 most wanted criminals in the Europol list. 
Foto: Europol, MUP BiH

Foto: Europol, MUP BiH

Azeri Mamdu Sorat, one of the most beautiful faces from the Interpol wanted list, is charged with trafficking in human beings, incitement to prostitution and involvement in it.
Forgery of administrative documents, trafficking, murder and inflicting serious injury led Efi Irodotu the Europol to have yellow warrants. Thirty year old originating from Cyprus wanted since 2007.
You would not want to meet Traci Shannon Nessl in a dark alley. She is famous for her gray eyes and blond hair, but on the Interpol wanted list she is known after the murder.
Ramona Bautista Belen, blond beauty competes on charts around the world, but also to Interpol. Wanted for murder.
Foto: Facebook/Stéphanie Beaudoin

Foto: Facebook/Stéphanie Beaudoin

According to the world media, the world's sexiest criminal is Stephanie Beaudoin. She's only 21 years old, and according to some information, she was on the Interpol list. Her file has 114 offenses of robbery and possession of weapons, and was involved in as many as 42 burglaries. Stephanie is a nurse.
Although not on the Interpol warrant, the criminal Gloribel Sorano is a major problem for the Bronx police. After she beat her colleague with a crowbar and fled, the police made a search for her. This did not scare her and during the chase she regularly posted updates on social media and food she was having. 
Foto: Facebook

Foto: Facebook


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