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Time changing is abolished in more and more countries: THIS IS HOW IT WOULD AFFECT SERBIA

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More and more counties is abandoning daylight saving time, and are permanently switching to "summer" time - when we sleep one hour shorter but, our day is longer. Last in the line of the countries that made that decision is Turkey. Serbia is still not considering this option, but the opinions differ - some think that it is a good move to calculate time in the future just by "summer" time, and never to adjust the clock again, while others think that changing the clock is in accordance with the needs of everyday life and length of days.
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The Turkish government's decision is brought a hundred years after the first move counterclockwise in the world: it was in the spring of 1916 and the Austro-Hungarian territory. The government decided to try this move and to see how will it actually work - to adjust daylight with the usual daily activities of people. They wished to save the energy used for street light. In time, entire Europe and America adopted this way. As the rest of the world is concerned, this model is respected in Iran, Mongolia, Brazil and Namibia. Until recently, Russia was in this circle but Vladimir Putin canceled the time adjustments.
Who is fine and who is not with daylight saving time?
Summer time is more suited to athletes, people who work desk jobs, and who spend eight hours or longer staying seated indoors, but it does not suit farmers and people who are in agriculture, because summer time is actually not on pair with biological time.
Foto-ilustracija:Pixabay, Profimedia

Foto-ilustracija:Pixabay, Profimedia

Also, Serbia, especially the greater cities like Belgrade and Novi sad are known for good night life, which means hosts are fine with "earlier dark" in a way. So summer time would not work so good with them.
However, lenders of sports halls, fields... would be pleased if summer time only was introduced, because it is proved that people exercise more in afternoon or evening hours, before sleep, because of the life stile and daily chores, they would be fine with "earlier dark".
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