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LETTER OF BITTER MAN FROM SARAJEVO SHOOK BALKAN: He is tired of wars, nationalism, lies and promises

- Only desolation was left after the war, graves, disabled people, primitive behavior, nationalism, poverty, broken families - writes Nenad Maglajlic

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A letter of the bitter man from Sarajevo saw the light of the day, he is tired of politicians and presidents of the parties and waving guns and nationalism and lies and promises... everything that makes he life of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dacic urges peace in region, seeking common interests

The letter that shook Balkan:
"How can you bare with the conditions where war axes are swung around? I am personally tired of it, its hard to breathe. For the last 30 years we are in fear. From multinational elections, entity, separation, affiliation, democracy, nationalism, fools, wars. We waited and waited. War happened. Bloody that it can't be more bloodier. Do we need it again? 
- Only desolation was left after the war, graves, disabled people, primitive behavior, nationalism, poverty, broken families. Mentioning the name of our country around the world associates on crime, suffering, corruption, misery. We have new guidelines, new marks for our countrymen: That Bosniak, that Croat, that Serb. Intelligence escaped, and the small amount of smart men changed jerseys fighting to preserve their own chairs and made a pact with the black devil. Where are we? I will try to explain in few points:
Foto: Profimedia/Alamy

Foto: Profimedia/Alamy

1. Federal part of this suffered country said all the time after the war that Republika Srpska is a genocidal creation. I don't get it. We live in a joined state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we call a part of it like that. If Republika Srpska is genocidal creating, why are our mouths full with Bosnia and Herzegovina, why don't we let go of Republika Srpska? War is long over, we can't speak about it our whole lives. What do we want? Territory without Serbs? Let's stop with insulting if we want to preserve our country.
2. After the war, Serbian component openly, and Croatia half openly sabotage every decision in joined organs where the Bosnia and Herzegovina is mentioned. Most of the Serbian and Croatian representatives in state services has an order of their bosses not to do anything. Those are the people who brake going uphill. The attitude is clear, collapse the state, convince the world and the international community that it is impossible to live together, split the country and join the national registers. In doing so, they, unfortunately, are helping some Bosniak politicians who see the fulfillment of their dreams in a small country.
Foto: Tanjug/AP

Foto: Tanjug/AP

3. The power and money are shared within the party - the clan. If you do not belong to a clan, you can not hope for a function. Clan controls everything, it thinks for you, tells you which view is correct. People outside the clan sometimes get some job (engineers, software companies ..) for which the party has no interest. The prize for this type of work is usually underestimated. Deducting fees for the expertise and skill of creating surpluses which dishonestly reward significant members of the clan.
4. Do you like enemies? Turn the other cheek to those who hit you on the first, those who offer bread to the ones that throw stones at you and similar nonsense over me impossible and immoral proclamations. Thick books teach us that evil should be punished, stolen returned, and injustice corrected. What do we do? Converting the religious leaders in a super parents, heroes, forgetting that the love caused immeasurably more harm than any other. Finally, that love took us in the folds which favors amnesty and fascism. Let's look at some of the street names, who are the people whose names they bear?
Foto: Profimedia/Alamy/Mark Milstein/Northfoto

Foto: Profimedia/Alamy/Mark Milstein/Northfoto

5. Is it logical that the two main department stores in Sarajevo don't have alcoholic drinks and pork, that no church has been built since the war in Sarajevo? Is this an invitation to all the constituent peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina to take up residence in the capital. Someone will say, this is so because the investor insisted on it. Why agree to a vassal relations? We are not that poor. Can we in the countries that gave us money to build department stores open our bar with some time ago famous, now extinct, Bosnian brand "Sljivovica"? Can we at least in the country of the investor by reciprocity principle buy a property?
Foto: Profimedia/Corbis

Foto: Profimedia/Corbis

Finally, I would suggest and ask the chairpersons of parties ... Do not swing arms, testify that war was inevitable, pull referendums, secession, scare people, behave like children in kindergarten. Too much blood has been spilled here, too many properties pillaged, too much calorie foods is being digested in your bellies. Its been enough. Allow young people to lead this country. I do not believe you. Go, you well done on all the assets that you kidnapped.
I wrote a letter on our language. Is it important what is the name of the language. We all perfectly understand it."
Sarajevo 29.09.2016.
Nenad Maglajlic
(Telegraf.co.uk / source: depo.ba)

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  • Tony (a Brit in Berlin)

    Very moving... and this man is right. The only way to move forward is to move together. The peoples of western and central Europe realised this more than 70 years ago and the peoples of the western Balkans must do the same if they are to prosper and be secure. And membership of the EU is not necessary for this at all.


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