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Miroslav Lajcak exclusively for Telegraf: GOOD NEWS FOR SERBIA, we reached an agreement about opening the Chapter 5

I think we are very close to opening Chapter 5 next week, said Miroslav Lajcak for Telegraf, minister of foreign affairs of Slovakia, which is presiding in front of EU. He added that there are talks about opening chapters 25 and 26. Chapter 5 regulates public procurement procedures

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We have achieved a consensus for opening the Chapter 5 in the negotiations between Serbia and the EU, told for Telegraf Miroslav Lajcak, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, the country presiding the EU. Our ambition is to open more than one chapter, said Lajcak in Brussels, where he is participating in the ministerial conference of NATO, monitored exclusively by Telegraf.

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On our question when hampers Serbia in the process of European integration, since it was to say that our country will progress faster when Slovakia took over the presidency of the EU, Lajcak recalled that a very important chapters 23 and 24th opened in July.

- As for the opening of chapters 5, 25 and 26 it comes to a consensus. We have achieved consensus on opening chapter 5, while talking about Chapters 25 and 26. We as the country presiding the EU are working a lot about how to achieve that consensus and we have a few more days to that. I can assure you that it is in our interest to open three chapters, but the country holding the Presidency doesn't, but the consensus - said Slovak Foreign Minister.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Last week there was a meeting of the Visegrad Group and Western Balkans, which at one point Serbian Minister of Foreign affairs Ivica Dacic left. How do you comment on his messages about double standards when it comes to Serbia and positions on Kosovo?

- The decision is his, but the very fact that there has been wrangling around between Dacic and Hodzaj is not a good message for the expansion. This is the argument for those who oppose the expansion of the EU to say this country is not mature to become EU member. I believe in dialogue and, if we have some misunderstandings we need to solve them through dialogue - said Lajcak.

When asked to comment on the situation in the Balkans, as the connoisseur, he said that there is progress in relations.

- But this progress is not irreversible, relations are still rather fragile. I would like to see a lot more active role of the EU, because it is a region that aims at integration into the Union. I think we need to devote much more attention to that region, not only from a technical level, but more with the political - concluded Lajcak.

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