RUSSIA OR EU? This is with who Serbia should join in alliance! (RESULTS)

Should Serbia join the community of EU or with Russia? More than 260.000 Facebook users followed this survey, and these are the results! Are you surprised with the answers?

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The greatest Serbian dilemma used to be: how to make ends meet with one paycheck (if you have it)? Today it is: Should we enter the state union with the EU or Russia? "Stepmother" or "mother". Merkel and Putin? Or both? Or neither one. We asked you on Facebook. Are you surprised by the results?

Nikolic: We won't be targets!

based on the results of the survey on the official Facebook page of, an option which was for alliance with Russia took a big triumph. On the question in the survey: Should Serbia join the alliance with EU or Russia? - the answer Russia got 12819 votes versus 3255 for the option EU.

On this survey, which lasted for four hours, 57700 people answered, voted, commented or shared on their profiles, while the voting was followed by more than 260.000 Facebook users at some point. Survey reached 1.200.000 users of this Social Network

Taking into account the latest developments around the negotiations between Serbia and the EU, or blockade by the Croatia, it's not hard to figure out why there was a landslide victory for option that supports the alliance with Russia.

To participate in the polls of portal visit our Facebook page. Voting is performed by clicking on the emoticon next to a picture of your favorite or answers which you support/

Also, after the vote, you can leave a comment why was that your choice.

To see the course of voting, look at this video:


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