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Filip proved us that magic still exists: He charmed everybody he touched half a meter away from us (VIDEO)

We were visiting the best young magician recently crowned in Austria

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They can simply vanish from the scene, pull a rabbit out of the had, toss flames from one hand into another or make 100 dinars out of one, and they claim, if they showed us how they do the magic - it would disappear.


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That is why we headed to 22 year old magician from Belgrade, Filip Djikic, Filipino, the winner of many international awards. The last one was "Aladdin's lamp" he won in International Austrian congress of magicians in Vienna.


Under his fingers, and in front of our eyes, coins and cards became magical. It is no wonder that his specialty is micro magic, which he has been practicing since he was 10.


It is the hardest magic discipline. Handling cards, coins and other smaller objects is done without any additional stage properties that are essential in any illusionist performance, like David Copperfield. The entire illusion is in the hands of the performer - explains Filip while he shuffles the cards and prepares for the trick.


Foto: Privatna arhiva

Foto: Privatna arhiva


Shrewd boy, coming from a family of magicians, was noticed few years ago by Emir Kusturica and hired him to juggle in his punk opera. It is no wonder why is Filip the most successful young magician and juggler in Serbia.


He showed us three tricks and offered us a chance to understand how he creates magic. Maybe you will succeed.


Watch the tricks:



(Telegraf.co.uk / Jasmina Stakic)

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