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Good news from Zagreb: Croatia unblocked Serbia

- Conditions were met to lift the blockade around Chapter 26 - said the Croatian Minister of Foreign affairs

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Davor Ivo Stir said that Croatia has unblocked Serbia.  

EU SNATCHES SERBIA FROM RUSSIA: Alarm in Brussels! Lavrov's visit speeds up the opening of chapters (PHOTO)

- Conditions were met to lift the blockade around Chapter 26, and i want to say that we will follow within Chapter 23 the fulfillment of obligations towards national minorities with the highlight on Croatian minority - said the Croatian minister.

He added that he would like to welcome an agreement, an annex the Minister of Education of the Republic of Serbia signed with representatives of the Croatian minority. 

It was signed in 12:30 in Belgrade and it regulates the matter of textbooks, not only the translation from Serbian to Croatian language, but also special accessories and content for Croatian national minority.

- I wish to say that Commissioner Han informed me on our request and gave explanations we additionally requested and it is clear that the Commissioner will be personally engaged in monitoring the implementation of all obligations in the field of minority education - he stated.


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  • Tony (a Brit currently working n Berlin)

    December 24, 2016 | 02:00

    The truth is, Berlin told their lap-dogs in Zagreb to stop the blockade. In exchange, Berlin will stop Brussels' efforts to pressure Zagreb about the resurgence of fascism in Croatia.


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