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THE MOST PERSISTENT STUDENTS IN SERBIA: They walk 30 kilometers to school, parents carry them on their backs, wolves cross their path in snow!

It is mostly schools with one, two, three or at most dozen students

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Students from small schools in remote villages on Rogozna, Golija and Pester walk tens of kilometers every day, on rainmud and snow, while freezing and afraid of wolves.  

STUDENT: Montenegro is Serbian. TEACHER: Sit down, you failed!

It is mostly schools with one, two, three or at most dozen students.

School buildings are dilapidated and prone to demolition, cold and with eerie feeling...

School has collapsed in Odojevac, 30 kilometers away from Novi Pazar, and the teacher Danka Nikolic, with her two students, Nikolina and Nevena Barac, have their classes in village market.  

- We live in village Zmijinac, which is considerable distance away from school... To meet the teacher Danka, who is traveling from Novi Pazar, we have to get up really early to cross 30 kilometers in one directions... Nikolina is a second grade student, Nevena is a preschooler, they are still small and weak, and i am afraid that some beasts might attack them on the way, so i usually walk them to school... When they can't walk anymore, i carry them on my back - complains Radisa Barac for Vecernje Novosti.

Foto: Wikipedia/Snežana Trifunović

Foto: Wikipedia/Snežana Trifunović

In Rajetic, the center of Rogozna, the school is composed of the teacher Sanela Subasis and her three students: Bojana Arsenijevic, Nikola Babic and Djurdjina Kostic... 

- School did not work for decades, because there was no children... Ten years ago, the school was again opened, with the joy of locals... We started with one, and we had up to seven-eight students, and this year, we have only three. We are afraid that we might lose them too, because of the no roads and hard living conditions, people are leaving from Rogozna, and rarely anyone comes back - complains the teacher Sanela, who often walks for kilometers to school and follows the little ones to their homes when there is heavy snow.

The similar situation is in Grubetic, "the most populated" part of Rogozna...

School i relatively preserved and students are warm, but the only concern is that the class is attended by only four children: Jovana Stefanovic, Sara Stanisic, Matija Lalovic and Slavica Perovic...

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia

- They come wet and cold, they walk for kilometers, and yet, they are good students. Its not easy for the children or their parents... We are far away from the city, and the road is bad. However, we are hoping that the "state will turn to the village", that there will be better roads and that life on Rogozna will be better, and with that more students will come - said the optimistic teacher Bojana Puzovic.

Even though he walks up to one hour to the school in Baletic under Golija, the first grade student Sead Kolasinac "has the advantage" in comparison to his peers in Belgrade, Kragujevac or Novi Pazar. He is the only student of this school and teacher Elida Nicevic dedicates her entire time, knowledge and skills to him.

- If it wasn't for him, there would be no school... I am his teacher and his only friend, we often play football or handball at the physical education class... I hope that there will be more students next year so Sead will have someone to be friends with - said the teacher Elida.

(Telegraf.co.uk / source: Vecernje Novosti)

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