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Brutal ISIS cutthroat hides in Serbia: Secret services informed, all in fear because of this bloody murderer

Lavdrim is the commander of the terrorist group of ISIS known as "Balkan brigade" and since August 2014, he is wanted by Interpol

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Lavdrim Muhadzeri (27), one of the important members of an Islamic state in Syria, returned to Kosovo, writes Italian L'Espresso.

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Italian authorities immediately informed secret services on Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania. Muhadzeri allegedly came to Kosovo mid November.

He is the commander of the terrorist group of ISIS known as "Balkan brigade". He planned the attack on Israeli representatives in Albania. That attack was discovered on time and it was prevented. Muhadzeri is known as Abu Abdulah al Kosovo and under nickname "Cutthroat from Kacanik".  

He went to Syria for the first time in 2012. and before that he worked for NATO in Afghanistan. Muhadzeri appeared on ISIS clips in October 2013, one of them show decapitation of victims. Since August 2014 he is wanted by Interpol. Last time he was seen in public a year ago in Mosul.


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