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AUSTRIA CALLS FOR 30.000 WORKERS: Serbs are rushing to ski resorts, wages up to 1.850 euros, and these jobs are offered!


It is interesting that employers provide accommodation in single or shared rooms and food, so that the costs for workers who decide to spend the winter in Austrian ski resorts is - minimum

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According to the Austrian ski resorts, not only few thousand of skiers will come - but also few thousand workers. According to some information, Austria is looking for 30.000 workers for the upcoming ski season, considering that it is relatively close, new generation of foreign workers are coming. Those who know German have the opportunity, so those who don't have jobs, shouldn't sit at home and waste time. 

Austria offers fantastic wages to Serbian and Bosnian cooks

Permission for three weeks 

- Most in demand are cooks, waiters and maids. The main requirement is a good knowledge of the German language since they are in constant contact with the guests and the chefs should have professional qualifications - recommendations and experience. We collect biographies of candidates for our business partners, we do a selection with respect to the workforce that the employer requires, and then he makes the final decision which candidates to recruit - says Aleksandra Bertelt from the company "Euro Career" from Pula, engaged in mediation in employment and she points out that the interest in working in Austria is - huge, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

There are so many potential candidates for the job, she admits that she almost do not need to advertise their services, because something good is easily heard.  

- People simply recommend each other, talk about personal experiences to those without a job or are searching for better opportunity, so new contacts keep calling us, of different age and levels. Our Facebook page, and the fact that many people answer very quickly, we just had no need for it. There are more and more people who want to work during the year or during the entire year, because they are happy with their wages and work conditions - said Aleksandra Bertelt,

It is interesting that employers provide accommodation in single or shared rooms and food, so that the costs for workers who decide to spend the winter in Austrian ski resorts is - minimum. Wages depend mostly on collective contract, the price per hour, night work or work during holidays, they are between 1.400 and 1.850 euros, while waiters are payed 1350 euros and the maids.

Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg need between 3.000 and 3.500 more workers during winter. One obstacle is work permit.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/Wavebreak

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/Wavebreak

However, if the employer is really interested in hiring the worker - work permit can be issued in three weeks, of course, if the Austrian work market doesn't have any employed worker of the same qualifications, because he has the advantage of getting the job. It is unknown how many of our people works in Austria in this way, considering that part of the workers is still searching for work under radar.

Nothing is charged 

- According to some information, work market in Austria could be entirely open by 2020 for our workers - said Bertelt.

The biggest number of interested to work in Austria is among Season workers that are working in the summer their job on Adriatic sea, and they wish to continue doing the same job in winter because they are trained for it. Great foreign hotel chains gather workforce which works in the summer on the sea, they move to Austria, and when the resorts are closed on the coast, they go to Alps to prepare winter resorts for the arrival of skiers.

Mitigating circumstance for workers who want to get a job abroad is that the employment mediation is not charged because the licensed agencies, such as "Euro Career" from Pula, charges its services directly from the employer.


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