This is the answer to analyst that angered Balkan: Bosnia is on the brink of boiling, some would like to handle it with aspirin, others with amputation

Croatian and Serbian discontent in Bosnia will keep that country on the verge of boiling for years, but it seems that they will have to deal with it

Timoty Less, whose column for Foreign Affairs and Balkan Insight about the situation on Balkans drew a lot of attention from regional media, continues to cause strong reactions.

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Let us remind you that Less is the director of company "New Europe", which does evaluation of political development, diplomat and a creator of politics in the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Great Britain.  

Among other things, he lead the British consulate in Banja Luka, department of EU initiatives, he also served as a political attorney for the British embassy for Balkan and former Soviet Union with Dan and Bradstreet agency. He studied political science at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies in London, and International Relations at the University of Cambridge.

The following is the reaction on Less' columns by Marcus Tanner, British writer, columnist and Guardian journalist, who specialized in writing about east and middle Europe, including Balkans.  

Most of the comments on Timothy Less' article about changing the borders of Balkans was hostile, with accusing tone. Less was attacked in those comments for fueling nationalist passions. Let us remind you, that he advocated that multi ethnic states on Balkan failed and that borders should be changed to create ethnically homogeneous states. They should be more stable, according to Less.

Less considers that multi ethnic states can function, only not on Balkans. Those words are in the contrary of Western opinion, and they consider that "diversity" is the ideal that we should strive for. Most of the western politicians calls the multi ethnic opponents racists. The shadow Nazi ethnic super - the state loomed over the whole debate about ethnicity.

However, just because his prognosis makes people uncomfortable, that doesn't mean they should be discarded. It is hard to ignore the fact that Bosniaks persistently voted again for the same nationalistic parties, and not for their multi ethnic alternatives. Perhaps it is the time to accept that those are the politics and politicians that Bosniaks want.

Less angered western liberals, but the only difference between him and his critics is that they solved the problems in Bosnia with (metaphorical) aspirin, while he wants radical surgery, even amputation.

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Bosnia is not a failed state, it has better economy than politics. The predicted growth rate is above the EU average. Tourism is excellent, a crime in decline. Bosnia is doing the favor to entire region by separating Serbia and Croatia. Redrawing its borders would shock Europe. Last time new borders in Europe were made were in 1922, by founding Free Ireland State. Last change in Eastern Europe happened in 1945.

Modern borders are new, but they fit the old ones. Border of modern Latvia suits the borders of Soviet Latvia.

Europe is against redrawing of the borders for ethnic reasons, which is why the Russian annexation of Crimea seem so offensive. Croatian and Serbian discontent in Bosnia will keep that country on the verge of boiling for years, but it seems that they will have to deal with it - concludes Tanner.

Foto: Wikimedia, pixabay.com

Foto: Wikimedia, pixabay.com


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