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Homeless man of great heart: He told me - you helped me all this time, now its time for me to help you (PHOTO)

Anita tried to return the money he gave her, but every attempt was a failure

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Anita Dumesic published a photo on Facebook of a 1.000 Kuna paper bill and wrote that she received a money from a homeless man, known in Karlovac as "Joza with no hand". He said that he will pay back to her and he kept his promise. 

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- Something happened to me today that caused an avalanche of emotions that are still rushing through me. The money you see on the picture i received from a homeless person, more precisely from Joza Cavric. The man we all know as "Joza with no hand". Maybe some of you will think "is that the drunk with no hand that stands in front of Lidl?". That's the one - wrote Anita and adds:

I always gave him 5-10 kunas. He often dropped to my work and said "Hey, sweety, you have some change?" I helped him when i could, and how much i could. Yes there were times when he makes me laugh, and when he makes me angry, and when he made me think, but those times always ended in "Kid, ill pay you back, you'll see" - wrote Anita about her relationship with the homeless man.

She tried to return the money he gave her, but every attempt was a failure.

You helped me, its time for me to help you - said Joza.

Her status was shared by many and many more wanted to find out about the noble Joza.

Joza ended up in hospital after this event because he fell down and he injured his head. He received compensation in a lawsuit for an accident in which he suffered two years ago. This homeless man is not in touch with his family.



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