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Vigilantes around Belgrade who smear dog feces on the doors of owners who do not clean up after their pet. And hang up this photo (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

No one knows who are these vigilantes, but they will soon get their fans, but also opponents

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Dog feces smeared on the door appeared in just one day in certain entrances in the Old Town and New Belgrade, just like a newly formed movement of resistance towards unscrupulous pet owners.


Storks have returned: Prvoje arrived first and sat down on the utility pole in Petar Drapsin street (PHOTO)


Exactly one such dog patrol cruises the Old Town. As traffic cameras, penalty, and also evidence comes directly to the address, in the same amount some passerby was welcomed by the unpleasant mass under his shoe.


Besides stinky signature on the door, they deliver a photo of the owner photographed with his pet, but also with feces they leave behind them. 


No one knows who are these vigilantes, but they will soon get their fans, but also opponents. Recent appeal, made when hundreds of white papers were made on the green surface of walk area 25. May where some pets did their thing, had no result.



One former citizen of Old Town now living abroad donated two devices to help removal of dog feces. Special team "GOBUSTERS" has been formed, who daily walks around sidewalks and collects what pets leave behind them, or their unscrupulous owners.


Similar movement appeared on New Belgrade, however, with no so much detective-police experience and pursuing the owners. Allegedly, there were cases of smeared doors and building entrances.


Our crew decided the investigate how cleaned the parks and streets of Belgrade are and how much the owners clean behind their furry friends. Watch the video:




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